Great first week at the Missionary Training Center!

Dear family and friends,

The first day at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) was fast and furious!  It was exhausting, but so worth it.  There was a lot to learn very quickly and not too much time to settle down.  My district is great.  Everyone is very kind and considerate.  My companion is a very sweet guy.  One of my roommates sleep shouts!…so I’m looking forward to some exciting nights.

The spirit here is so strong and present in nearly everything we do.  I love it!  My instructor, Brother Pead, is a near clone to David Germann and it turns out he was his companion in Alberta!  He’s an awesome guy.

Today I ran into Elder Allison (Tyler) and one of my roommates from this summer, Elder Chase Kunz.  This whole experience is so exciting and absolutely uplifting, not to mention humbling.  Mom and Dad, thank you so much for helping me be here.  I’m having such a great time.  It’s notable that the MTC President was impressed to tell us that if we read our missionary handbooks we and our families would be protected!  Have no fear Mom!

The way they are teaching us here is also very remarkable.  They are heavily stressing the need to be caring and listening to those we teach.  They want us hardly relying on the lesson guides at all and instead following the direction of the spirit and connecting with those who will let us speak with them.


Elder Call

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