This week was so intense!!! Thanks for the cinnamon roll things! Those were surprising and delicious! I saw lots of old friends, namely Elder Gibson Smith. We took a pic in front of the world map. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that one of my teachers is David Germann’s old companion. His names Brother Pead. I tried the MTC choir this last week. That was pretty neat. I’m currently preparing a number for a devotional, but it might be too late to try out since I leave Monday. General Conference was AMAZING! I really liked Elder Nelson’s talk -Ask the missionaries! When President Monson made his announcement it was ridiculous. There was a powerful feeling pervading the auditorium and everyone started cheering and clapping. I’d say we were excited but it was much more than that. Elder Bednar spoke to us last night in Devotional and explained to us that “The Lord can do His work and He will hasten His work in His time.” I could feel the significance of the announcement. What an amazing time we live in! I bet Katie is really excited to go on her mission earlier now. Don’t forget to tell me about everyone that’s putting in their papers now! Elder Bednar actually didn’t talk to us about missionary work, but about how to get the most out of conference talks. It made me realize how much more I could be getting out of them. He gave the advice to go through each talk and look for three things: 1. The doctrine and principles, 2. The invitation, and 3. The promised blessings. You might want to try it as a family. Elder Bednar gave those attending the meeting an apostolic blessing that, “according to your faith and diligence, ye will hear him.” My companion and I are making some major progress with teaching with power. We’ve had a few where we couldn’t deny the Holy Spirit guiding us, and there were some incredible feelings. Our investigators have been teary-eyed. It was so neat. We still have our challenges though. We have an investigator that’s really sensitive, so progressing with her will take some work. Elder Robinson who shares the room with us is still sleep talking. He says some hilarious things, and we’ll have sleep conversations with him. My favorite dream he keeps having is he’ll say “Who are you?” -pause- “You look like a witch,” and then he freaks out and starts saying “No, nononon no no NO!!! He makes a weird sound and then starts moaning in pain. He explained later to us that the witch chopped his head off. It’s been reoccurring quite often. Anyway I’m out of time. I love you guys. -Elder Call

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