Amazing first week in Grand Forks Canada!

Hey so you figured out I got sent to Grand Forks Canada! I was so excited I nearly died. Last Tuesday I was assigned my trainer Elder Bennett. I’m not surprised President and Sister Palmer liked him because he is a rock! He’s super easy to get along with, super obedient to mission rules, the district leader, and a very hard charger. We are serving a unit of twelve active members. We have so much potential up here in Grand Forks and we’ve already seen miralces this week! I’m so excited. We have very few investigators, but we’ve had so much success with them in the last few days. We spoke with a woman named Sherry who my companion had visited about four times already and we invited her to be baptized. She accepted. The spirit there was undeniable. We visited a couple named Peter and Lesett. They previously hadn’t shown any interest in the gospel message, but this time was different. Right away Lesett told us about the bad news. Her mother had passed away. She was heartbroken, and the spirit prompted Elder Bennett and I that we needed to tell her about the Plan of Salvation. The spirit testified of every word we spoke. They sat there agreing to everything and being edified. It was wonderful. Elder Bennett asked them if they knew what we spoke of was true. They nodded. What an incredible experience. A really awesome family in our unit -the Jacksons- threw us a “Greeny Party”. It was super nice of them. We had mexican food and everything was green, even the sour cream and horchata. We picked pears for a lady who’s not a member named Shirley. It was awesome. We would shake the tree and the pears would fall and hit us on our heads. We had a district meeting last week. Afterwards we stopped by Mcdonalds and a lady there came up and gave us a twenty dollar bill! She was a member and she wanted us to enjoy a free meal. It was great. We split three large fries and eight mcdoubles between the four of us (we were with another companionship). I’ve hardly had to make myself any meals at all. The people here take great care of us! On Sunday evening a man we visit named Darwin fed us Borscht and Perogies (Russian food). It was so good. Everyone here has russian descent so they all know how to make fantastic food. The people are a little difficult to reach here, but Elder Bennett and I are sure that we are just outside of an explosion of activity. We just have to be patient and keep working. The winter is coming on quick! It snowed this morning! I may need some extra thermals Mom. Just the other day we saw a black bear casually crossing the street and sniffing around someone’s house. That was surprising! We had stake conference this last Sunday too. President and Sister Mullen came and spake. It was pretty neat. Today we moved some boxes for a man named Phil. He took us to a Chinese Buffet to reward us. I’m stuffed right now! It’s awesome! Anyway, everything is going so well. I love you guys.I’m glad to hear that miracles are happening at home too. I appreciate your emails and letters. Pray that we find a family that will accept the gospel. We have a very good feeling that it’s going to happen. Pray that the miracles don’t stop coming.

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