Great reception to the Gospel in Grand Forks!

Let me tell you about some of the things that happened the last two weeks! My companion and I have truly been lead to the right places at the right times! My companion and I felt inspired to tract a certain street, so we went out and did so. The second house we visited we were doubtful. It was about eight o’clock. Through the window we could see some folks watching TV. The man who got up to answer looked irritated. We braced ourselves. He opened the door, looked surprised, and said, “Hey come on in!” before we could say a word. That was shocking. We had just met the chief of police in Grand Forks! He and his wife explained they had some Mormon family and they really appreciated the church. They had seen missionaries months earlier on the street and wanted to invite them over, but lost contact and hadn’t seen them since! Wow! Elder Bennett and I are super excited to talk with them again. The following night we were out looking for a street called Darcy. I asked Elder Bennet where we were. He said he didn’t know, but felt prompted to continue on anyway. We stopped and noticed a home with the lights on. We knew we needed to go there. We knocked on the door, they said come in, they fed us dinner, we taught the restoration, the spirit swelled in our hearts, they were edified, and we have a return appointment. WE COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. In this area that is about as receptive as Europe we found people to teach two nights in a row. People usually don’t let us through the doorway. It just doesn’t happen. The Lord was truly guiding us this week. There’s no other explanation. On Sunday night we were out tracting again.The second door  we knocked on a lady opened the door a sliver. She told us she couldn’t talk right now, she had just lost her daughter four days ago. We testified to her that her daughter was not gone. The door opened more. She broke down in tears. She pleaded to know for sure that her daughter was ok. We shared a scripture, testified again of what we knew to be true from the bottom of our hearts, and said a prayer with her. She was comforted and so very grateful. We asked if we could come by again soon to share a message with her about God’s plan for us. She accepted. After we felt prompted to go to see Sherry. She and her husband were home! (Typically her husband Wes is off working, so this was the first time we’d met with him.) We shared the video “Finding Faith in Christ” with them. The Spirit opened their hearts. They shared their concerns and we answered them. They believed. Wes said he might show up to church one day to see what we’re all about. Last P-day we got to go over to the Jackson’s house for dinner. We had family home evening with a family and carved pumpkins with the little kids.The next day I fell off my bike and nearly broke my arm! Brother Eaton came by, gave me a priesthood blessing an drove us down to the states to get an x-ray. It’s healing really fast. We had Zone Conference on Thursday. It was spectatcular and uplifting. President and Sister Mullen are so great! I sang “Abide with Me” for the musical number. One of the members, Sister Jackson came all the way to Spokane to play the piano for me. I really enjoyed it. Right after we went on exchanges, so I went with Elder Anderson back to Grand Forks. It was great to learn from him and enjoy his awesome sense of humor. We met a man named John who works for a food storage company that wants to meet some of the members. The biggest highlight this week was that Sherry and Wes came to church! They really enjoyed it and they plan to come back this Sunday. We were so happy. It was a wonderful testimony meeting. This week Elder Bennett and I are really pumped to go and get the members involved in missionary work. We’re starting to catch a glimpse of what Heavenly Father’s plan is for this area, and it involves all the members. We’re really becoming the talk of the town. People are warming up to us. We’re excited. I love you guys. I know the church is true. It’s the only way for man to get closest to God. I know that God continues to reach out to his people. Miracles never cease.

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