Good things are happening this week! Lots of snow too!

Time is flying by here! So many good things are happening. This week I went on two exchanges, one with Elder Major, the Zone Lea, and another with Elder Lohan. Elder Major’s sister served in our ward in Austin a while ago remember? Elder Major is two weeks out from going home. He taught me a lot about how to be an excellent missionary. It was an enlightening exchange. My exchange with Elder Lohan was shorter, but I still learned a lot from him. He’s the only member of the church in his family and he’s from London, England. We also had new missionary training this week. It was super uplifting. While I was on an exchange my companion taught Nadine and Alec again. This time their daughter Natasha was there too. They are enjoying the lessons and they all came to church this Sunday! A remarkable thing is that a few of the members had met Nadine before! They said that she was such an influential person in the community that if she joined the church, many would be sure to follow. I’m more and more certain that the Lord has a great plan unfolding for the people of Grand Forks. How exciting to be a part of it all!

We also found another investigator this week! Amanda is very open and curious about our church. She’s very young, married, and has a little girl. This week we’re hoping to get some members who can relate with them come with us as we teach more lessons. We visited with Sherry and Wes this week and had a Q and A session. They just soaked it all up. Their daughter Christine is now involved and interested. She was the only one to make it to church this Sunday, but they all are doing very well. They plan on leaving to Arizona at the end of the week so we’ll be saying goodbye till next spring.

Yesterday we woke up and there was like four inches of snow outside! Since then we’ve been swamped in it! Our P-day was really fun. We went up to the mountains with the Jacksons, helped them chop wood, threw snowballs, and pulled the kids on sleds. The mission life is so fantastic. My recent focus has been on living a consecrated mission or being more fully dedicated. I’m making improvements here and there and it’s making a huge difference. I’m so grateful to be here in Canada!

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