Best companions, best area, best car, best life ever!

Dec. 3, 2012

Dear Family,

Everything up here is going great!  My new companion is a fantastic trainer.  He’s a very genuine person.  We are seeing lots of success.  This week we just ran into all the right people oat the right times.  We found a bunch  more people to teach.  I can’t believe the progress.  Nadine’s family is coming along really well.  We’re excited to teach them this week.  We have almost every night booked with lessons!  We even have someone who invited us over for dinner.  I’m not perfect yet.  I’ll always be working out kinks in my performance, but I’m learning tons of stuff about life and the Gospel.

My white shirts are starting to feel like t-shirts and now I’m totally comfortable talking to strangers on the street.  It’s awesome!  We’ve been super lucky lately that the snow has been delayed.  It makes it easier to travel on our bikes especially when we run out of miles we’re allowed to drive.  I’ve got the other best companion in the mission, the best area, the best car, the best life ever.  Today we got to go over to Cascade Falls and hike around there.  The falls are beautiful.  I haven’t seen that much water since Niagara Falls.  This area is incredibly scenic.  We had lunch at New Century Chinese Food Buffet.  Oh boy, I won’t need to eat for a few more days.  I loved the Christmas Devotional.  President Monson’s talk was incredibly touching.  I recommend it highly.  I love y’all.  Let me know if there’s anything I can ever do for you.


Elder Call

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One thought on “Best companions, best area, best car, best life ever!

  1. Donna Royce

    Elder, you sound pumped and ready for anything coming your way. Glad that you are loving serving the Lord. I know the area is beautiful but -NO SNOW? What will you do when you reach your mileage and have to ride your bikes?????in the snow. Whoa!

    I hope you are eating good and staying healthy. We love and miss you.

    Aunt Donna

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