Hello eh!

I miss you guys! Canada is awesome! It’s snowing like crazy up here! If I have time I should grab my *tuke and go **tobaganing eh? (see translation on bottom) The work is pressing on. We are outside all day everyday talking to anyone and everyone about the gospel. I’ve had to learn patience with people, but we’ve had some remarkable things happen this week. We had another lesson with Julie. If you remember her, she had a lot of concerns about things prophets have said in the past and pulled up some things that people normally use to shut us down, but she was still open. We had a very spiritual lesson. Elder Wendt brought a whole new light on how to handle it. I was kinda nervous, but he was super comfortable and loving while he taught. It was great. We ended up all sharing our favorite scriptures. She’s been reading out of the Book of Mormon and finding lots of things she likes. We’re hopeful and confident that as she reads, she will feel the spirit tell her it is true. We clarified lots of things that really made sense to her. Another day we were walking and ran into a man walking with a cane. He asked us if we were Mormon, where we met for church and at what time, told us where he lived, gave us his number, and asked for some reading material. When we walked away we thought, “Did that just happen?” We met a lot of fun people tracting and had some interesting conversations. On Friday night we had dinner with the Eatons. We had a great turkey dinner and as soon as we walked out the door Elder Wendt was like, “Elder Call we need to call Sister Mullen. I think something I ate had nuts in it.” I totally didn’t see it coming. He didn’t want to shock the Eatons so he didn’t say anything about his allergic reaction! Luckily we didn’t end up having to go to the hospital, but he was pretty ill the rest of the night. That was unsettling. Saturday day night we had dinner with the police chieif and his wife -or Jim and Kathy. They’re sweet people with a ton of potential. We had great week. I’m looking forward to our phone call on Christmas!  -Love, Elder Call

*beanie or hat  **sledding

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