Happy New Year from Grand Forks, B.C.!

Dear Family,

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your correspondence. I love hearing every bit of news I can get from my favorite people. You really are an inspiring family. This week we have had all sorts of things happening. First the sad news, our investigator, Jane, decided the gospel wasn’t for her. She made an end to our visits. Pray for her. Most of our investigators have been really hard to meet with this week, but we’ll keep trying! We had some really fun exchanges this week. I got to go with Elder Bartholomew for a day in Colville, WA  and with Elder Andrew in Republic, WA -a real wild west town! We found out that Jim and Kathy have one son that is actually an inactive member! That was a surprise. This week we helped an old woman named Shirley move some things into her storage units. We met her daughter and son-in-law and had a pretty good conversation with her son. They live in Vancouver Island so we could only manage to plant a good seed. We’ve talked a few times with Tony and Hans -two hilarious guys. They’re brothers that have always stuck together and they’ve accepted the challenge to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. The most exciting things lately have had to do with my plans for the new year! My companion and I have re-evaluated ourselves quite a bit and made some new plans for improvement. I’m really excited for the new year. I’m a little nervous for the transfer call this Sunday though!

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One thought on “Happy New Year from Grand Forks, B.C.!

  1. Phyllis Krutsinger

    Hi Elder Call,
    Happy New Year and we hope that you have better luck this week with finding new people to teach the gospel to. We are proud of you and know that you will have an awesome mission.
    Keep up the good work and take care,


    Bro. and Sis. Krutsinger

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