Happy to be staying in Canada! :)

Hey family!
This week was incredible. Something largely unprecedented happened this transfer. We got a unusually short phone call for the district when they told us, “Everyone’s staying!”. Elder Wendt and I were thrilled, especialy because the changes we’ve made in our companionship and the success we had just barely started having. This is surely to be the best six weeks of my mission yet. We have seen more miracles this week than we had the whole rest of the transfer. We were heading out of our apartment, when the idea came to walk to Justin’s house. It seemed unusual since we would normally drive the distance, but we followed the prompting in high hopes. Walking we saw a man who we had spoken with before. I wasn’t about to have another chat with him, because last time he wasn’t very friendly, but that didn’t stop Elder Wendt. He knew we were walking for a reason, so when I was about to go “See ya!” Elder Wendt shouted “How’s it going!”. We talked with him and pretty soon we were all walking together having a pleasant conversation. He warmed up to us. I’m pretty sure now he has much better feelings about the church. Finally we arrive at Justin’s house. He isn’t home. We looked around and knew we needed to knock on some doors. The first two doors were extremely friendly, but not interested. The third door we met an eighteen year old named Tyler. Elder Wendt figured out he plays hockey and right away they dove into a conversation. As soon as we asked him about the Book of Mormon he seemed very familiar with it. He told us how the bus driver for their hockey team reads from it to them before each hockey game to get them pumped up. He told us all excited, “It just makes you want to believe!”. We’ll be meeting with Tyler shortly to teach him more about that wonderful book. Another day we went to tract a road we felt the Lord directed us to. We met a lady named Irene that would be interested in learning about the church! Miracles never cease! We saw that and much more happen. I can witness that all these things happened as a direct result to an increase of faith. Elder Wendt and I realized that things had been slow lately. We could tell there must be something we needed to improve on. We always pray to find those prepared to be taught, but we never realized maybe it was us who needed to be more prepared to teach. We made some adjustments that really put our minds and hearts into the right place. We started to focus more, and to be more sensitive to the promptings of the Spirit. We are so excited to continue seeing miracles. We know that Heavenly Father has plans for our little unit of members to grow. We just got news that a family of six is moving in very shortly! On another note, I’ve had some other priceless missionary experiences the past few days. On Sunday, someone forgot to bring the electronic keyboard organ so we sang acapella. To be quite honest, the singing was less than beautiful, but it kind of brought in a pioneering spirit. Another day I tracted into someone and for the first time got told I was going to Hell. Elder Wendt said it made him feel like he was back in Coeur d’alene, Idaho). Also I heard the most ridiculous excuse I’ve ever heard this week. A member we visit in the nursing home told us she couldn’t give up coffee because the nurses would plot to cut her leg off or mess with her medications. Anyway, the mission is fantastic. I’m enjoying every minute. I know that Jesus Christ lives. Love, Elder Call

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