Ok I apologize, I had a really tough time getting the last letter in the mail, so since you still won’t get that for a few more days I might as well spill the beans on the miracle of my mission thus far. Last Sunday we went to go contact a lady that talked to the missionaries once before and her son answered the door. Within the next half hour he accepted to be baptized on the 16th of February! His name is Danz, his grandpa joined the church a few years ago and he’s going to come to baptize him. You really never know when something amazing will just happen out of nowhere. We were really excited about him all last week, and then on Sunday we talked with him again. He had frightening news. When he read the Book of Mormon that week he felt he didn’t feel any “connection”. We were unsettled. The next day we fasted, prayed, and studdied like crazy. We felt like we knew what we needed to teach him. A few minutes before we sat down to have a lesson with him Elder Wendt felt like we needed to read from Alma chapter 36. The spirit was staggering. He told us that it really spoke to him. It was such an amazing feeling. Elder Wendt said that was the best lesson he’d been a part of on his mission. Miracles continue to unfold in this ripe new area of Grand Forks. We have two new investigators from this week. Philip, the neighbor of Tyler and Travis has had some experiences with Mormons. They gave him a Book of Mormon, and that helped him in going through his divorce years ago. When we taught him we could see a battle going on inside him. He really liked things we said, since the spirit really testified of their truthfulness, and he would say that he needed to get back into faith, but then he would say, “Oh no boys, I could never go back to a religion.” It was really something. Both Elder Wendt and I felt we needed to invite him to pray and ask God if he’s there. I feel confident that he’s ready to learn more about the gospel. We finally got in to teach another man whom we met months ago. He had already read up to 2nd Nephi. We were really surprised! the struggle will be to help him see that the Book of Mormon is more than fascinating history, but a means to come closer to Jesus Christ. So much is going on. I’m about out of time to fill you in on the rest. Eden (the lady who works at the border) has read up to Moroni. What in the world? I love you Mom, Dad, Anson, Katie, Emily, and everyone else!!!

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  1. Phyllis Krutsinger

    Oh Wow! He’s having some powerful missionary moments! How exciting! Great job Elder Call!!!

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