I’m staying in Canada!

I have to say I might have been even more surprised by this transfer call then the last one. I’m staying! The practically the whole zone is staying! Again! I’ll be with Elder Wendt longer than any of his companions he’s had. It’s very good news, since I’ve been so anxious to see more progress in Grand Forks. We have lots of promise. We have felt the Spirit testify many times that there will be significant growth of the unit here in this area and we’ve had that confirmed by the Stake President as well. We know there are people ready. One man we spoke with named Doug has been reading the Book of Mormon quite a bit lately. We ran into him at a very opportune time. He was full of questions and at first quite stand-offish, but as we spoke to him he softened, and at the end of our conversation he was grateful to have talked with us. He wants to continue to learn about the Book of Mormon. Many other experiences like this are happening. Danz we found out has moved out of Grand Forks probably for good, but we have felt reasured that this is for a wise purpose. He’s staying in Trail with his Grandpa who’s a member for a while. He’ll get to experience church in a more formal setting in a nice building.We have lots of people who are open to talking to us who are still undecided as to wether they will try anything we suggest to them. We’re seeing some progress with them individually. Eden, is still reading the Book of Mormon and doing some other research also. Jody is taking on the challenge to quit smoking in a week, starting tommorrow! Some of our less active members are considering returning, but still feel they are not ready. We’re going to keep on trucking! We were sad to see a member of our congregation pass away this week, but happy for her that she recieved her wishes. Sister Mae Webster had been sick with cancer for quite a while and was anxiously looking forward to returning to her Father in Heaven. I’m super shocked and saddened to hear that Ann McGuffy passed away this week. I can hardly believe it. My prayers will be going out to her family.Hope all is going well at home. I forgot to mention I have gotten better. I’m not sick anymore so no worries.I’m loving missionary work. It brings me joy and peace. Love you all. – Elder Call

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