A lot is happening!

So much happening lately!  I’ve got a few good stories.  One day this week we decided we were going to visit a less-active member who lives up on a mountain.  We heard his driveway took a while to walk up, but we had no idea it was going to take 45 minutes!  I felt like I was back at Philmont!  there had to be 8 switchbacks up to his house near the summit.  The greatest part?  He wasn’t home.

We’ve seen some good progress with a few of our people we are teaching.  We had  a really great lesson with Philip and the spirit hit very hard.  His attitude turned around and by the end he was thanking us and asking for us to come back.  He talked to us about how good he feels when we meet.  We helped him recognize that it is God’s spirit.

Doug is still excited to be talking with us, and we have a few other people we haven’t met with who are interested.  One of them we met after we went to talk with a lady named Shirley.  We were walking back to the car and noticed her, talked to her and found out her name was Shirley too!  She just moved in and her best friends were Mormon.

Another person we have plans to see we tracted into a couple of weeks ago.  She said she’s going through a hard time and she’d love to hear a message about Jesus Christ.  Her name is Roxanne.

On Saturday we went to Sister Mae Webster’s funeral. She’s lived a great life and has left such a great example for her children.  We were hoping some of them would talk to us, but we were surprised to meet someone we had only spoken with on the phone.  I’m  not sure if I’ve told you about Brad.  He ran into us one day and talked about meeting with us.  He’s dying of cancer and he’s about given up on faith.  He’s talked to just about every other religion besides us.  We called him a bunch of times, and sometimes his girlfriend would answer, but each time we haven’t been able to set up an appointment.  Anyway, we found his girlfriend at the funeral!  She was sitting next to Elder Wendt and she looked over and asked, “Were you the ones talking to Brad on the phone?”  What a miracle!  She talked to us about Brad and showed us his address.

A couple of people we’ve been meeting with are proving to be less interested than we thought.  Some of those are Tyler, the hockey player, Adam and Jessica.

Good things are always happening though.  I gave a talk yesterday!  I spoke on being a member missionary.  We need all the help we can get!

Zone Conference is this Thursday and Sister Mullen asked if I could get a musical number coordinated so a couple of Elders and I are singing “Be Still My Soul.”  There’s some solid singers in my district.

We’re going to need your prayers for a man named Bob.  He has fallen a long way.  He used to be active in the Church and now he is very bitter about it, but the Lord has led us to him for a reason.  We’re trying to figure out what we can do.  He used to be an extremely active and happy man.  It’s a sad situation.

We have good things to look forward to in Grand Forks.  That’s all folks!  Keep us in your prayers.  We love the extra boost.


Elder Call


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