Exciting changes!

Transfer calls came last night. Drum roll please…  Everything is changing! I’m remaining in Grand Forks, but Elder Wendt is heading off to be a zone leader in his last area. My new companion is from DENMARK!  He’ll be replacing Elder Wendt as the district leader. His name is Elder Jepson. I haven’t met him yet, but I’ve heard that he’s just hilarious. I can’t wait. Our district is splitting in two! Now our district is just us and Republic, so that means a lot less driving and more time for missionary work! I’m so excited to stay here! It seems like everyone in our Stake can feel the vibe that great things are about to take place in our little unit within the coming months. We are patiently and persistently working. This week we talked with one of our less active members about reading the scriptures and challenged her to read them every day, a verse at the least. We followed up with her at church and she told us that she’d ready three chapters in the past few days and said, “I was really surprised how good it made me feel.” Reading scriptures brings us so much closer to Heavenly Father! It’s not so much the words we read as much as it is the simple act of submitting ourselves to him in that small way that makes such a difference. We decided to finally try some of the other places in our area, so we drove to Greenwood and Midway. We met a few nice people, but the most enjoyable was meeting with the Fairs -an older couple in Midway. They are incredibly sweet. We only had time to chat for a few minutes and give them a Book of Mormon, but that was enough. I’m looking forward to visiting them again very soon. I got to go with Elder Horan on another exchange this week. We had a rough day in the beginning, but later on we ended up tracting into a sweet family. We talked with the mother named Mandy. She’s been to Salt Lake twice and been on a few tours. We’ll see them this week!
We stopped by Deardry’s, a woman we had met before. She had expressed little interest in our religion before, but was open to talk about spiritual things. Anyway, we asked if we could help her with her yard work. She expressed to us that she had just barely been praying and asking God what she should do with her garden! Coincidence? Never. I’m super grateful to be witnessing all these miracles. The church is true! I love you guys!

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3 thoughts on “Exciting changes!

  1. Donna Royce

    Good Morning Elder Call. So glad to hear of your continuing success. I too feel like this is ‘your’ area. You seem to feel the spirit so strongly that I’m sure that is why you have not been transferred. I don’t know how anyone can say no to your smile and sweet spirit…… A new companion from Denmark? I bet that will be nice and you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about his home. Maybe he can give you a few ‘tricks’ to help keep you warmer until Spring comes. (Spring does come in Canada, right? lol)

    Our bluebonnets have just decided to bloom here in TX.. Seems like the CAP of TX is getting lots of color the last week or so. It’s always nice to see the wild flowers blooming until June. Uncle Roger and I are staying busy. We are preparing for a Stake Employment Workshop the 20th of April. Sometimes we have five – sometimes 18-20. It’s all day Saturday with various speakers giving directions on how to interview, resume, dress and to discuss your skills in an interview. We are seeing less attendees so hopefully that means the job market here is improving.

    There is a ‘rumor’ that Lake Travis is going to split AGAIN, very soon. Can you believe that. In the last 10 yrs. we have been in Austin, we have had l new chapel built, 4 Ward boundaries changed for new wards and now another. Remember, the McCollough’s started in Austin with 25 members in a rented room in another Church. Your area makes me think of how growth is possible with those ‘rich’ seeds that are planed.

    Take care dear sweet Elder. You are a true Saturday Warrior. We love and miss you and pray for your safety always.

    Aunt Donna and Uncle Roger

  2. Ed & Jan Wagley

    Good Morning Elder Call:
    Sounds like that you are having a change but you will enjoy the new Elder from Denmark that will be a blessing unto you ~!! I know that you are doing well there or they wouldn’t have left you there. There is still work there for you to do, and you will accomplish that for sure ~!!
    We are so proud of you and you serving your Heavenly Gather you will do a GREAT job… Iit looks like I am running out of space to write to you ~!! We send you our love and prayers that you will be let to the doors that are seeking the gospel Love you Ed & Jan XXXOOO

  3. Ed & Jan Wagley

    I see that some of my typing need some assistance with spell check but I couldn’t see my writing We know that the Lord will lead you to the doors that are seeking the gospel~!!! Love You

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