The work is going extremely well!

Hey Family!

It’s your favorite missionary! 🙂  The work is going so well that it’s exhausting.  We are reaching out to serve the community and the opportunities are coming from all over the place!

We helped a nice Indian lady in her backyard.  She keeps insisting that she pay us!  We’re not sure what to do!

We talked to a Jehovah’s Witness couple who were really open to learning about The Book of Mormon.  That was neat.  We’re going back to see them again tonight! 

We felt prompted to go to see a lady who already told us she wasn’t interested, so we were a little wary about going.  At the door we were freaking out about how we would approach the situation and she walked out before we even knocked.  I was pretty startled, but we started talking and before you knew it, we were talking to her about a time we could stop by and visit.

A few weeks ago, I spent the night in Republic.  I was on an exchange.   I had a weird dream in which I asked the Branch President if he knew anyone I could try to visit in Grand Forks.  As soon as the day started we ran right into him, President Jenkins!  I asked him, like I did in the dream, and all he suggested was we see Manny.  What?  Manny?  We had tried to see him a month ago and walked up  his mountainside driveway (about half an hour walk since the gate was locked and we couldn’t drive up) and he wasn’t even home!  This week we built up the courage to try again.  We walked all the way up again and he was actually there!  We had a very spiritual lesson with him.  I’m so glad we followed the prompting!

So…this next story I might have told you last week, but in case you haven’t heard it yet, here it is….We were out at 8:00 p.m. looking to see someone we felt inspired to visit.  They weren’t home.  The idea came to try a man named Craig in the neighborhood.  I doubted that the idea would be very successful since last we met  him, he didn’t seem to really appreciate the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith or so I thought.  I frankly believed he would be ticked.  Luckily that wasn’t the case.  He was legitimately sincere.  He expressed a real desire to grow more faith in Jesus Christ and we set an appointment when we could come and help him. 

Another cool experience — we went by to see a member, Sister Stulind who has been recently doing so well in the Gospel.  She wasn’t active a little while ago.  She was grateful we came.  She told us that she knows God cares about her because it seems whenever she needs a boost spiritually, we show up.  We  had a really special discussion with her.

Yesterday we went to visit a less active in the nursing home.  We talked with her nurse about helping her find a substitute for coffee, since she has been drinking it to soothe her headaches.  He was extremely agreeable and everything got worked out!  Then as we walked out we ran into Len, a really nice Catholic man we met earlier.  He invited us to join him for dinner right there.  We went and enjoyed a really fancy dinner with him and a few others he invited.  He is, of course, not interested at all in the church, but it was extremely kind of him to have us over for dinner.

Everything has been going so well!  We watched all four sessions of conference at the Jackson’s home.  The messages were very moving.  I recommend you real Elder Nelson’s talk! 🙂  Catch the wave!

Everyone in our unit has been so kind to us.  They are my little family away from home.  I could never stop missing my real family though.  I love you guys!  Don’t forget me, even though I’ve been out for half a year now!

Keep praying for my companion and I and the work here in British Columbia.


You son/brother, Elder Call

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