Went to the Spokane Temple this week- great experience!

It’s me! Elder Kenny. What a week! To be honest, we didn’t teach as much this week. We are still seeing really great steps of progress though. We’re trying to help Kyle, the one who wants to be baptized get over his serious problems. It’s going to take quite a bit of divine assistance. He just has to have the desire. We have a hard time keeping track of Mike, the other man who wants to be baptized. Apparently his schedule is difficult, but we’ll figure it out. We had an awesome lesson this week. It was with John and Leda out in Midway. They have been prepared to receive the gospel. Once we asked about their faith, they opened up and shared some amazing experiences they’ve had. The spirit was incredible in that room. I was so touched. We shard the experience of Joseph Smith and they were blown away. They will be baptized if they get an answer about the Book of Mormon. Our members are getting more and more excited and involved in the missionary push. I gave a talk this Sunday about it, and then soon after Elder Jepsen and I taught a missionary class we prepared about the Preach My Gospel manual. It’s such a great tool for us to use. We helped the members realize it doesn’t have to be awkward when we share our feelings about the gospel. This morning we went to the temple in Spokane! I was already on an exchange with Elder Whitcomb the zone leader, so we woke up at 2:30 AM, and drove for HOURS picking up the other elders in the big van. When I finally had the chance to walk through the doors I was astonished. I completely forgot what it felt like to walk into that sacred building. I was swept with a feeling of complete peace, love and acceptance. It was amazing. How reassuring it was as well, to have that powerful witness that it is God’s house. It’s been a really neat day. I’m learning so many important lessons, namely that it is so important to focus on the good things. No matter what our situation is, how we feel about it is up to us. We have to gain the habit of noticing every good thing. Also it’s imperative that we are always listening to the spirit. If we aren’t in line with it, we need to readjust ourselves to be able to reach that source of light. With it, we learn exactly what God wants for us minute by minute. The more we observe and act on that direction, the more will come to our aid. God is real and ever mindful of us. I cannot deny it. I hope life at home is staying full of awesome stuff! I love you guys. I love hearing how well things are going. Also I heard a rumor, is it flooding down there? I heard the rain was going nuts in Texas. I forgot to mention, this Sunday I’ll know whats happening with transfers. The actual transfers will happen on Tuesday though. Not quite sure what to expect.

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