A miracle this week!

Thank you so much Mom for your emails! I don’t know what I would do without them. It’s good to hear from home and hard to imagine how much everything is changing back there. I’m so proud of my graduate sister. Thanks for the cookies Kate! Grangeville is a great little town. The people are mostly pretty friendly and down to earth. We had a pretty neat miracle this week. We were walking down by some apartments and these little girls who I imagine have seen missionaries before called us over and demanded we do service for them, (because they think we’re under strict obligation to). We reluctantly went along with it and washed their dog kennel for them. Afterward we asked them “Well is there at least anyone here you think wants to learn about the gospel?” They jumped up and ran into an apartment nearby. After a few moments they popped back out and said, “They’ll listen.” Um, what? Ok. So we went in and met Connor, Jeffrey, and Lizzy. They were very respectful and open. Once the first discussion was taught they were in awe. They mentioned, “Missionaries have been by here before but they never shared this!” We asked them if they would be baptized upon an answer from God that our message was true. The immediate response was “Absolutely beyond the shadow of a doubt!” Wow! We were shocked and overjoyed. This week we had a wonderful zone meeting. One of the major topics was studying effectively and for your investigators. It was amazing how we practiced studying and got revelation for the people we’re teaching that nearly matched. Then near the end of the meeting President Perez (the Stake President) shared a powerful testimony. It was wonderful. I’m so glad to be here on a mission. I’m learning lessons here that I couldn’t learn in any other way. I know God lives. He loves us all. This is His Church and he guides it by the hand. I love you, my incredible family.

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2 thoughts on “A miracle this week!

  1. Ed & Jan Wagley

    DEar Elder Call : sounds like you have had a fantastic week, that is GREAT Oh what cleaning a dog kennel will do for you. What a Blessing to be able to teach these people and I know that you will win the way to their hearts with this gospel message ~!!!! We are so proud of you as you are serving your Heavenly Father ~!!! We saw your parents, Katie and Emily along with Anson at your Grandpa’s funeral, it was a sad occasion but a very spiritural experience. The family looks GREAT and Katie is so excited to be going to BYU. That is a wonderful experience for her ~!!! We send you our love and we pray that you will be guided to the doors that are seeking the gospel ~!!! Take care until next week, we love reading your weekly letters~!!!! Love you Much ~!!! Ed & Jan ❤

  2. Donna Royce

    Dear Elder Call, Your last post brought tears to my eyes. I know your heart must have burst with hope and surprise at their answer that they would listen after you cleaned their dog kennel. Only you would do that with no expectations of a reward of any kind. Your Mom and Dad have taught you well. I’m so proud of you and the work you are doing. Remember, continue to be humble and pray for the spirit to guide you and your companion………you will be blessed. You are missed and loved Elder….. Aunt Donna xxooxxoo

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