Amazing things happening in Grangeville!

Hello, hello! How is my family doing? We had such a great week here in Grangeville. The work is definitely rolling forth. We had some breakthroughs! Ryan, who is preparing for baptism has committed to quit drinking coffee and to talk to his parents about being baptized. He’s in his thirties but his parents are very strong Catholic. It’s got to be a frightening thing for him to do, but he knows this is the truth. What else can you do? We picked up seven new investigators this week. I could hardly believe it! We finally got around to teaching a few people and set up some more appointments. Border Days was awesome! We never got bored of working the crowd. We had a really neat thing happen too. We had received a referral from some other missionary from another zone. We tried to call the number they gave us but to no avail. We happened to be walking down the street one night when we stopped to chat with this random girl on a bench. She seemed interested but all of the sudden had to leave. We asked her name and got her number to find out that it matched the referral! The same night we were walking through the carnival to get home and the man working at an Indian food booth spoke to us. He insisted he make some food for us. He was just closing for the night, but he started up the stove and made us some of the best Indian food we’d ever tasted. He told us he’s from Lewiston and that members of the church had helped him dramatically in his life. He’s been attending church off and on, but hasn’t had the discussions yet. We went down to Lewiston the next day for Zone meeting and decided we’d take the whole zone to his restaurant. He was amazed and grateful. The missionaries in his area were already in contact with him. It’s been a fantastic week. Tomorrow Elder Brownsilva and I are getting a ride with Elder and Sister Winn to Spokane to visit the temple. We’re excited for that. There’s much good to come. Love you so much! -Elder Call

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One thought on “Amazing things happening in Grangeville!

  1. Ed & Jan Wagley

    So glad to hear from you, and to hear that you are doing so well in your mission. Sound like that you have some sure baptism on the way that is wonderful ~!!! We think of you often and know that you are doing well serving the Lord ~!!! Keep up the GREAT work and it will flourish for you and your companion ~!! We send you our love and wish you well ~!! Love You
    Ed & Jan

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