Hey Family!!! How are things down south!? We are seeing miracles in Grangeville Idaho.   We continue to press forward looking for those prepared by Heavenly Father to receive the gospel and we’re getting much closer. We spoke to a number of people that would like us to come back. We taught Mindy a few days ago and read the Book of Mormon with her. She’s been reading on her own. We hope she continues! We met an older woman named Doris as well. She had been to a little girl’s baptism and really liked it. We shared with her the Book of Mormon and invited her to study it prayerfully. She said she would be baptized if she found out it was true. We met with June again. She has been reading the Book of Mormon but doesn’t understand it much. We plan on reading it with her to help. The most exciting thing is our special fireside this Sunday. The whole  town is finding out about it. An LDS Olympic skeleton luge racer is coming to give a talk and we’ve been inviting people of all faiths to hear her in the church building. This will be huge, since so many people have been taught slanderous things about our faith. It will give them a chance to hear from someone who truly depended on God to get her through a horrible accident that would have kept her from ever competing. It should be amazing. I’ve been feeling so much closer to my Savior lately. I’ve been studying his life in the New Testament. It’s awesome. I’ll keep you updated. Love you. -Elder Kenny Call

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  1. Rileys

    Hi! What is Kenny’s current mailing address? We have a letter ready to send to him. Should we just send it to the mission home? Thanks!
    –the Rileys

    • Yes — the Mission Home is the best address — he was just transferred to Spokane Valley and we don’t have his apartment address yet — but he will live near the Mission Home.

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