Going to Spokane Valley as a Zone Leader!

I got transferred! I’m going to be in Spokane Valley with Elder Magana as a zone leader! I already know Elder Magana. He’s been my trainer’s partner for about two or three transfer cycles. He’s from Baja California, Mexico. He came out at the same time I did and he’s a powerful teacher. I’ve never seen a bolder missionary, so we are sure to have a great time together. 

I am torn apart to leave Grangeville. Though it’s hard to see signs of success, we put blood, sweat, and tears into that area. I am going to miss the people there dearly. 
This week was monumental! We took away Ryan’s coffee maker! No more java for him! He and his wife are done with it, to prepare him for baptism possibly this month. We were in pure bliss to take that thing. Couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! We taught him about enduring to the end and preparing to be sealed to his family for eternity. He loved it. 
This week we got to help one of our members throw some hay bails! Slept good those nights! Not to far away from where y’all are at. Service is truly pure Christianity. Yesterday after church we had an unexpected call from Brother Pikus the mission leader. He felt prompted to go to Elk City to see Brother Glenn, the leader of the small branch there. His wife passed away Friday night. We felt the confirmation of the Spirit and we were off. It’s about an hour and a half away, but still in our area. We found Brother Glenn amongst his family, shared a message, and testified of the resurrection. He was deeply moved. We asked him if he’d heard at all from the Loomis family we had seen months ago. He insisted right away that he guide us to where they live (in the middle of nowhere). We found them and had a great discussion. Mr. Loomis was a little stand-offish at first but softened up. Mrs. Loomis seemed just as open as before. They have great curiosity and could be really prime candidates for membership. Neat day yesterday. Well my family, I love you! I can finally use the gift cards you sent me. Thanks for writing faithfully. -Love, Elder Call
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