Life is buena ahora!!!!!

Life is buena ahora! We are having so much fun,  we have the coolest members, and we’re teaching a lady who is so stinkin’ ready to be baptized! Her name is Lorna! She started investigating after she went to her daughter’s baptism. She wants to be as happy as her daughter is now. She’s as golden as they come. She is ondate for September 7th. We taught about the word of wisdom this week. She poured all her wine down the sink!  Elder Magaña is the coolest companion ever! He came on his mission without knowing a lick of English and they reassigned him. I forgot to mention Lorna’s lesson got delayed big time, because some of the elders destroyed their car! We were sharing it so it looks like we’re biking for good. I’m getting my legs into shape from biking!  Lorna and her daughter patiently waited as we went to check it out. It was an inch away from rolling down into a ditch. The elders are lucky to be alive. We also have a guy we’re teaching named Steve who seems to be pursuing baptism because of his wife. He’s taken all the lessons, and they seem to expect us to just go ahead and baptize him, but we know he’s not there in his heart. Not sure what to do there. Our  members are taking amazing car of us. One of them surprised us with a box of Krispy Kremes and 3 gallons of ice cream. We get fed with members alot more too! Oh I also forgot to mention, President Mullen just checked into our apartment to do weekly planning with us one morning! Anyway we’re having a good time. Love you so much! -Elder Call
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One thought on “Life is buena ahora!!!!!

  1. Thanks for the updates Elder Call! We love reading your stories
    Neil and Maddy

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