My first baptism – this Friday! Sang a duet in Zone Conference.

Hey Family!

So weird to think we’re in the same state right now!  Glad to hear ya’ll are enjoying vacation. I can’t remember if I told you or not about the mission boundary change. Leavenworth is no longer in our mission so I won’t be going there any time soon. 😦 We’ve had such a neat day so far. The reason I’m emailing on a Wednesday is because we just got back from the temple this morning. It’s across the street from the stake center I’m in right now. It was an amazing revelatory experience. I hope you guys get the chance to go again soon since the newest update. I’m so glad to hear about all the missionary work you guys are doing over there! You inspire me! In the Valley we are a lot busier. We are becoming booked every day of the week with meaningful things to do. Which is amazing!!! We had so many miracles happen this week. One of them was with a less active member. We felt like stopping by, though we had no idea for what purpose since we had just been there a few days before. We pulled up in our car, (yes we did get one) and caught her about to light a cigarette. Caught off guard, she scrambled to cover it up as we approached her. We pretended we didn’t see it and taught her repentance. 😉 Believe it or not, she was really grateful we came by, and she made it a point to remind us to come by any time. She knew we were servants of the Lord sent to help her in a moment of weakness. That was neat. Lorna is our real miracle worker for the week! We’ve been preparing her for baptism in September. She’s been praying and studying intensely. One of her concerns has been finding a way to make it to church, despite her conflicting career. She got a few Sundays off, but that wouldn’t last for long unless she either got promoted or hit the road for new employment. Just yesterday we got word that she’d been promoted! Sunday was her first time at church. To help her get the most out of her Sabbath day experience, we encouraged her to take notes and bring questions, so she did! She bought a notebook and wrote down a “How can I finally be healed and forgive?” During 2nd hour she leaned over and showed her question to us. “I got my answer!” In a comment during class, her question was answered very specifically. She was amazed. We found more people to teach during the most unusual time. During church! A member had invited some random ladies to church she had met by the pool. There they were walking through the doors. We met briefly with one of them, who is interested in taking the discussions and wants to be baptized. The only worry is some probable word of wisdom issues. This Friday we are baptizing Steve. He is committed to live the gospel the rest of his life. We’re excited for him and his family. Needless to say I’m a happy boy! I am so grateful to be serving here in the beautiful Spokane Valley. Yesterday we had Zone Conference, and I sang a duet with Elder Andrew (one of my friends from serving in Grand Forks). We had inspiring training on having faith and teaching about the atonement. Speaking of faith, Elder Magaña prayed to find 10 people to put on-date for baptism Saturday night. He said he really felt it was the spirit, so that’s our goal. We will be successful! The last update is that we got a mini-missionary this week! His name’s Cody Empert. He’s so great! He’ll be team teaching with us till Sunday. Everything is fantastic. We are on the Lord’s errand and seeing miracles. Much Love! -Elder Call
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One thought on “My first baptism – this Friday! Sang a duet in Zone Conference.

  1. Ed & Jan Wagley

    Elder Call, we are so happy for you and the GREAT success that you are having in your mission along with the baptisms that is so GREAT to have the goals that you have and to watch you achieve it while serving there…We know that you will be able to make your goals while working and serving your Heavenly Father ~!!! you are one GREAT young man and will achieve what ever you desire , I think that we will see your parents again this week, before they return to Texas. We think of you often and pray that you will be led to the doors of the people that are seeking the gospel ~!! You take care and have another wonderful week. We send you our love and prayers as you serve~!!!
    Love You,
    Ed & Jan

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