Miracles are abounding in the valley!

Miracles are abounding in the Valley. Hopefully I can remember all of them! There’s too many! On Monday our amazing Ward did a service project at the elementary school. They are doing great things in the community. We were introduced by a recent convert to his best friend Jensen. We taught him, took him on a church tour, and he was at church yesterday! Too bad we can’t keep him! He lives outside our area so we have to give him to other missionaries. We had a great baptism on Friday! Steve, a year ago told his wife not to ever expect him to join the church.After being taught for 6 months, two days ago he became the newest member. We have to wait 2 weeks for his confirmation though. He works with trains, so his schedule is nuts. Remember the goal we made for ten people on-date? The same day we baptized Steve we taught Keren again. We put her on-date for September 14th! She has to start living the Word of Wisdom, but she’s so ready! At church yesterday, we saw an amazing thing happen. The wave of missionary-mindedness is swooping through. It was in the beginning of Priesthood meeting, and the presidents were making their announcements. When it was the Elder’s Quorum president’s turn he stood up and announced he would steal the missionary moment from the Ward Mission Leader. He talked about the time we went on splits with him that week and he street contacted someone for the first time in 10-years. The Spirit filled the room. Out of nowhere, all these people started sharing awesome experiences doing missionary work. We are no longer alone in the work here in Greenacres. The same day, we were out doing missionary work and while teaching a less active we met a friend of hers and taught him the first discussion. He accepted the invitation to be baptized! His name is Mikey. Every day is amazing. I feel extremely grateful. One thing I’ve been doing lately is trying to pray with more fervor. It’s been amazing. I feel so much more grateful, I feel like He is pleased, and I feel his love. Thank you for your prayers and unfailing support! Love you so much!!!

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