Holy Cow Miracles!

I cannot attribute any of the recent success to anything unusual we’re doing. I honestly believe the Lord is recognizing our efforts, tied to our incredible members. Something’s happening in them. They are catching the wave of the missionary fire. We have had the sweetest of weeks. It started with a real shock. Lorna put her foot down. She wasn’t going to pay any tithing. There was no way. She was telling us to postpone the baptism and push everything back until she could find a way out of her financial mess. We panicked. Her daughter Uilani told us she had tried to show her scriptures about having faith and talking her out of it, but she wouldn’t budge. So we prayerfully prepared the lesson about tithing, finding some video segments and powerful scriptures. Then a few hours before the lesson we got a text. “Don’t bring up tithing.” Uh, what!? She didn’t want to talk about it in a members home, but we couldn’t just move on! This was kind of a big deal! Then the realization hit, none of the scriptures or videos we prepared had anything to do with tithing, but they were all about faith. We would teach faith. We never had to say a word about tithing. Sneaky, huh? I was worried we would be a little too direct about it, and we were. Elder Magaña doesn’t mince words. She was caught pretty off guard, but the Spirit was on our side. She didn’t have a chance. She cried. You could tell her daughter was quietly celebrating the whole time. That was a tender mercy of the Lord. Lorna has a lot of faith, and she did commit to pay tithing, we just had to wait till the next lesson to ask her. We are still teaching Mikey -the 17 year old. During the Restoration lesson he stopped us and said, when does church start? A few minutes later he asked about Mutual. We’re going to give him a tour of the building tonight. Another night we went to go visit Shawna and Cindy, both of whom have attended church years ago. Our Elders Quorum President found them a few weeks ago while following a prompting to look for someone else in the same apartments. They were found at their lowest of low moments. One of them had their kids taken by CPS and the other lost everything -house, furniture, etc. We taught the first two principles of the Gospel, faith and repentance. They were moved by the spirit. We saw them at church this Sunday! Keren is also on track. Her issue with smoking is causing problems though. Most likely we’ll move her baptismal date. We had another miracle with a man named Toby. The last lesson we had with him was a mess. I was on an exchange so I don’t know the details, but it was bad. We were about to give up on him and move on but we thought we’d take him on a church tour. His wife left him and wants him away from the kids. He was a wreck, but we promised he would find peace in that sacred building unlike anywhere else. The Spirit was staggering. When we got to the font, his eyes welled with tears. We asked, “Will you be baptized.” He accepted immediately, so we set a day for him. He will be taught by other missionaries in our zone, since he’s just barely past our boundary.  The neatest thing to observe is our members burnin’ it up!  We started to share with them a challenge, to pray for 21 days for a missionary opportunity, and it’s been amazing. At church we had a member report that while they pondered on who they needed to reach out to a co-worker came to mind. Then the co-worker messaged him on the computer, curious about what he did in Argentina years ago. The opportunity was recognized. They met and talked, he shared a Book of Mormon, and we have an appointment to meet this week. Another was when we visited a family last night. We shared a video, talked about their experiences -one they shared about inviting their friends to join them in their family prayers (sound familiar?)- and committed them to keep it up. An hour later MacCormick the teenage son called us and set a time for his friend to take a church tour. We are continually seeing the Lord’s hand extended. Miracles never cease. If they do it’s because we need to show more faith. Glad to hear everyone’s having an awesome week! -Love, Elder Call

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