Upcoming 2nd baptism

More and more miracles every day. It’s a miracle and a blessing to serve in this area with this companion and with these people. The most moving thing is to see the Spirit working on our investigator. She is a whole new person. We were teaching her about the interview questions she would face before she could be baptized. We talked to her about some things she was worried about and helped her understand the Savior’s mercy. We watched a video of His suffering in the garden. We were all touched by the Spirit. She was invited to have dinner with the President and the assistants. He pulled her aside afterward to interview her. She is moving on in her life. I wonder how long she’d been carrying her burdens. It must have felt like the weight of the world. What a beautiful thing, that she can be forgiven and feel the Savior’s love testify of it. Elder Magaña will baptize her this Friday. We’ll be singing “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” and next Sunday I’ll confirm her. What a privilege. We had Mission Leader Conference yesterday and it was rejuvenating. We received training from the Mission Leadership that came directly from the Quorum of the 12 apostles. The mission is becoming ready for greater success! The whole mission’s been in a huge rut, but I believe it is to prepare them for the huge future blessings. I went to my first meeting with the Stake President and Mission President to discuss progress of the Stake. Pretty intense. I had dinner with the Spencers again (Becky and Jed)! It’s been awesome to get to know them. It’s the side of the family that I’ve never had the chance to really spend time with! It’s fantastic. They’re kids have the Call genes for sure! They’re cute little guys. Brother and Sister Spencer are ultra-righteous incredible people. I know everything happens for a reason. You guys should get in touch ASAP. In other news it’s transfer week. I’m super nervous because its like a 98% chance Elder Magaña is gone and I will be lost without him since he knows so much about the members and the area. I’ll be alright though. Today for P-day we’re going bowling with pretty much my favorite missionaries. Elder Magaña, Elder Horan, and Elder Andrew. They’re so much fun! I’m sending some pictures home! Love you!!! -Elder Call

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