A strange week — however, the Lord never let us down!

This week was nuts. Just never knew what to expect. Elder Magaña high tailed out to the Spokane East Zone and Elder Hargiss, my new companion arrived. He is hilarious! He was in a band that almost won a million dollar contract (they placed 2nd). He plays football and will be playing for BYU pretty soon. I forgot to mention, He’s a body builder. He’s from Arkansas and grew up on a farm! Great humble guy! He wants to take Katie on a date as soon as he gets to school. Elder Hargiss and I pretty much have had to work from square one in our area, since we either already baptized all our investigators or they disappeared. We didn’t have a helmet for Elder Hargiss, or a bike and no car, so we made some phone calls. We got a bike and a helmet dropped off by other missionaries. As soon as we opened the garage to get my bike out we noticed a pretty big problem. My tire was dead flat. Oh boy, now what!? Well, guess we’ll walk to WalMart to get a new tube. While we walked a guy named Brock came up behind us on a bike. He started to talk to us and we could barely hear him over the traffic on Sullivan, but kept getting little bits from what he was saying. He told us about how he used to go to our church with his Mom alot and talk to the missionaries. We were perplexed. He’s never been baptized and he wants us to come over to talk to him. Sweet! And on top of that, once he flew off on his bike, we looked in front of us to notice a bike shop right there a few feet away! We needed to be there for a reason! We got the tube and the assistants dropped by with an air compressor to fill it up. We hitched a ride with them in their swag-wagon to our appointment with the guy we had just met a few hours before. They dropped us off on what we thought was the right street. Once they took off we noticed another problem. We needed to get to a different part of the street on the other side of a fence- a long walk in the heat. We noticed a huge muscular guy washing his car so we went to talk to him. After a few minutes of conversation he accepted an invitation to a church tour. He told us his family had been looking to be more centered on Christ for a while. He offered to give us a ride too! Accepted! We got the ride to Brock’s house and had a good talk with him even though he wouldn’t let us inside yet since his parents weren’t home. We talked to some of his neighbors, handed out a Book of Mormon, and walked over to see if Uilani and Lorna were home. They weren’t so we talked to one of their neighbors. We met a woman named Brandy, a mother of 7. She seemed really interested in a church tour. We had a great discussion! Then Brother Spencer came and picked us up for a “coordination meeting”. We opened the door to his house to hear “Surprise!! Happy Birthday!!!”. It was so sweet of them. They put a bunch of balloons up and your cupcakes were on a decorative plate with the package next to it. What a great birthday!! It was full of surprises and miracles. Thanks so much for the gifts! I love the ties and comfy socks. Also, I did get the package from Dad as well. It was AWESOME! The rest of the week was not as charmed. I think the Lord gave me a break on my birthday. We were on bikes all week. Ugh. It was record heat for this time of year. Every day in the 90’s. Thursday was probably the worst. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong did. That’s alright. We stayed positive. I actually gained a strong testimony of gratitude! That morning I wrote down a hundred things I was grateful for, so no matter what happened, nothing brought me down the whole day. I felt so loved and blessed. Sunday was much better. We confirmed Steve, and I personally confirmed Lorna. One of the greatest experiences I’ve had. I had a smile on my face that wouldn’t go away. The last hurdle was finding a ride to the stake center this morning. As you can tell we got one! Out of all of the impossible binds we were in this week, we were always delivered. The Lord never let us down once! It always works out. He just required more patience. I know he never leaves us. I know he lives! Love you all so much, my beautiful family!! Keep it up! -Elder Call

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