A year behind me!!!!

We had some neat miracles happen as we were out searching for people to teach! One night while I was on an exchange with Elder Brown we went to contact a referral we’d received earlier. He wasn’t home… again. We were about to get in the car and then I felt like we should knock on the house next door. Not interested. Wasn’t sure why we needed to talk to that lady, got back into the car and as we drove off the feeling came back stronger. We needed to try the next house. We got out and a truck pulled up to the house. A lady named Carmen came out of her truck and looked kind of confused at us. We introduced ourselves, offered to help her move her bookshelf into her house and then she accepted the invitation to a church tour. She believes in God, but hasn’t been to church for a while, but has been thinking about it. And her sister is a Mormon. Golden. She ended up being a no-show for the tour, but it’s not over yet. Then we found Paul. We were on a reconnaissance mission to find out about a sister the Bishop was wondering about. She’d been baptized about 4 years ago and went less-active. Paul is her Korean boyfriend. We took them on a tour. He’s hesitant about baptism but we’ll get ’em! Lots of good things going on there. We’re working hard. Though I was sick for a few days, it didn’t stop us. This week we’ll be getting a training every other day. Our mission is in an interesting situation that I thought was unique until someone explained a reality to me.Our mission, and I imagine most missions currently consist of 50% of missionaries with less than 6 months of experience. The baptisms are sinking and the wards are pretty upset about the lack of maturity and confidence from al ot of the greenies. Interesting situation. I’m calling it growing pains from the surge. Give ’em another six months and I think everything will be fine. The leadership of the mission is pretty much all they’ve got right now to keep everything together, so it’s put a new light on how much is depending on us. The Lord knows what he’s doing. Everything will be alright.

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