Mid-transfer transfer! Investigators coming from out of nowhere!

Crazy update! It’s a mid-transfer transfer! It’s been a good run, but Elder Hargiss is spending his last 3 weeks in another zone training two new missionaries. Elder Reiher, who has been out for about 3 weeks will be with me on a 3 week exchange! Funny thing is I went on an exchange in his area just a few days ago. He’s about 20 years old from the Marshall Islands and he’s a fireball. I’m excited to work with him. We hosted another missionary most of this week. Elder Frank, from Orem stayed with us until President could figure out where to assign us. It added an interesting element to our teaching. Well I have to say we are seeing an outpouring of miracles in Greenacres. We have been working patiently looking for people to teach for most of September. Now it feels investigators are coming from out of nowhere. Paul and Jamie came to church this week. They seemed to enjoy it, though they didn’t stay long. While I was on exchanges my companion found Emma and another woman named Kris and set up church tours with them for this week. We have another tour scheduled for Carmen. She’s still interested :). We were searching for less actives one night past 8:00. We knocked on one door to find the less active members had moved, though the woman at the door remembered meeting with missionaries long ago. We learned that she wanted to, but never got baptized after her sister passed away in the middle of it all. We scheduled a time to meet with her later in the week. We sat down with her and asked her how she felt about our teaching. She said everything we teach feels true. We testified that that was the spirit and that she could have those feelings with her always after she gets baptized. She warmly accepted October 26th as a day to make that promise with the Lord. We feel so blessed to be a part of this work. It truly is inspired. We were on our way another day to the Hart’s place for dinner and I noticed some people across the street. The spirit came to me and I knew we needed to talk to them. I hesitated, but we went ahead. We met Pamela and invited her on a tour. She was wigged out. She said she had dreams about missionaries coming to teach her, going to church, and going on a church tour. Coincidence? We set a time to teach her. While I was on an exchange the rest of the tri-panionship went to teach her and the lesson was a mess. The member they brought went all over the place with off-topic principles. Luckily we know the Lord doesn’t leave people’s salvation completely in our hands, so we trust everything will be fine. Miracles never cease! Things are cooling down quick in Spokane Valley. Last week we sweated like animals, but this week felt like a challenge to avoid hypothermia. I thought Austin weather changed fast!  On the other hand, our stake coordination meeting got heated! We met with the Stake President, a few representatives, and President Mullen. My companion and I discussed before hand some of the issues in the stake that I was a little timid to address, but Elder Hargiss decided not to mince words. He just let them have it! Wow. Being on your mission for two years makes you bold! The stake representatives went on the defensive big time. It was wild. The funny thing was that after that things actually got done! They started making more solid plans. It just goes to show, as President Monson said, “Wishing will not make it so. The Lord expects our thinking. He expects our action. He expects our labors. He expects our testimonies. He expects our devotion.” So in conclusion it’s been a mixed up week! Lots of constant changes, miracles, and lessons to be learned. I love you guys so much! Please keep emailing me! If you have pictures from this year of your trips and fun things you did I would love to see those. I’m missing you always. Love, Elder Kenneth

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