Another baptism coming up :)

We had such a good week this week! Unfortunately none of the church tours went through. We’ve been talking with an amazing couple though. Russ and Vandelle moved in just a few days ago. They had been taught by sister missionaries in Coeur d’alene, ID. Russ was baptized LDS as a child, but was not technically raised in it. He’s been inactive his whole life. Vandelle was told that Mormons are an evil cult growing up, though she could never understand why her church didn’t believe families would continue after death. It never made sense to her and frightened her. Vandelle will be baptized November 2nd! They are so excited and they already look Mormon. We had them invited over to the Walters home for conference Sunday morning. They have a big movie theater in their home! It’s been a while since I watched conference that comfortably. Pretty funny how now I’m the missionary instead of the member entertaining. We went and picked up Brock our other investigator and took him to watch conference at another members home down the street. They also have a movie theater. Jackpot! We loved the Conference messages about missionary work. My favorite is the invitation to 1. Pray to be closer to the Savior, 2. Pray daily for missionary opportunities, and 3. Invite with faith! Exclamation point! Loving the work so much. Elder Reiher is a great companion.Love you all so much!  Love, Elder Call

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