Staying in Greenacres (Spokane Valley)! Yay! Training a brand new missionary!

Hello my wonderful family. I imagine Dad, your in Washington working the farm, Mom your at home reading this in your office, Anson, your swamped with homework and taking a sec to skim this, Katie you’re probably sending three phone calls from guys straight to voice mail while you read, and Emily and Amy, your probably busy being twins and having a blast together. You’re all over the place! Hearing about your lives is one of my favorite parts of the week. I’m so impressed by you guys and what you’re doing. Being a part of this family is such a privilege.

Transfers! I’m staying in Greenacres! Hopefully for at least another 6 months! I love it here! I’m still a zone leader but I’m training a brand new missionary! My Marshalese son, Elder Reiher, is moving to North Pointe Washington. I don’t know who will be my companion yet until tomorrow.

We have three people on date for baptism this next month! Vandelle and Russ are more ready than ever. They bought a beautiful painting of Christ for their apartment. They were wondering if they should spend as much as it cost and decided to pray about it right in the store. They did and as soon as they finished, their baby, John started reaching up to it so they bought it! They shared powerful testimonies as we taught them. They talked about how they started thinking more about other people and praying more just naturally. They’ve been feeling the spirit so much in their lives and it shows.

Brock had a lesson with us this week and he told MacKormick, the youth who drove him home, that he felt really strongly a need to be baptized. He came to church again. He talked to his mother and she says it’s up to him if he wants to be baptized so we set a date for November 9th. Then  we found Angel again! Elder Hargiss who was on his special assignment in another ward ran into her and found out her roommates had been telling us that she moved ever since they got in a fight. We set another day for her -the 16th. She wants the church to marry her and her boyfriend. She doesn’t remember appointments though and her roommates keep telling us to go away. Tough.

We have our members working more and more with us as well. It’s wonderful to have the members be a part of the action. Miracles happen when they are willing to sacrifice that time. I’m loving the mission. Pray for me as a trainer. Kinda hard to tell what you’re in for when you train. Anson knows these things for sure. It’s probably the most stressful thing I’ve been called to do so far. I love y’all so much!!! -Elder Call 

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