Great new companion/Miracles all around us!

What a week! Elder Goins is my new son! He is amazing. He’s learning quick and having a great time. Really glad to have him here. We had a fun week. The members are becoming more and more involved in the work. We’ve been out with a member with us most of the last half of the week. When they come with us, they are filled with the spirit. It’s amazing! We are preparing for Vandelle’s baptism. We’ve had to move the day around a bunch because of Russ’s busy schedule and now there’s Disney on Ice the same day it’s planned so we’ll have to move it again. Hopefully it all gets worked out. We still haven’t gotten a hold of Angel so she’s not ondate anymore for baptism. We’re praying to locate her again. Tough. Brock is progressing quite well. We found his Mom! She finally talked to us and in fact she wants to start coming to church with Brock in a few weeks. We moved Brock’s baptism day to November 16th last night. He doesn’t feel quite ready yet and we understand. We’re finding he learns much slower than most, but he’s coming along. We had a neat moment with Lorna this week. We were meeting with her and everything seemed fine until right before we were about to leave. We asked a question about her family and learned she was having a rough time with some of them. She was feeling deeply hurt. We were with the Elders’ Quorum President, who asked if she would like a blessing. She accepted. We saw her yesterday and she told us it turned her week around. She was grateful to say the least. Elder Goins had his first contacting miracle the other day! We were biking quickly to meet up with a member we had planned on meeting within the next five minutes though we were about ten minutes away from our meeting spot. We passed by a man sitting on a rock who called out, “God bless!” Elder Goins stopped me. He said, “We needed to talk to him!” We agreed we needed to go back even though we were out of time. The moment we arrived we asked if he knew anyone who needed help. Without taking a breath he mentioned his neighbor! It was as if we read his mind. Once we finished our conversation we noticed a text from our member, who delayed the pick up by ten minutes for some other reason. What a miracle! The Lord knew we would have a little extra time, so he prompted Elder Goins to talk to this man. Just another day in the mission field. Miracles are all around us just waiting for an act of faith. We had a referal called in to us earlier this week as well. A woman whose son had drowned nearly three months ago was pleading for help. We set up a time to meet with her to help her move some crates with her son’s old things. She was very emotional about him. I can’t imagine the pain she’s enduring. She explained she had got the courage to call the mission office because a boy who was a close friend to her son is on a mission and she had been emailing him. He gave her comforting talks and recommended she ask the missionaries. She’s been to church a few times and would like to come more in the future. We testified of the plan of salvation and invited her to learn more. She accepted, but wants to wait until she can get a hold of herself a little more. We felt blessed to be a part of helping her. We’ll for sure be in touch with her soon. The mission field is wonderful. There are so many in distress and need. They are waiting for us to reach out and extend the healing balm of the gospel. I’m so thankful Heavenly Father cares enough for His children to place us in their paths at the right times. Be there for our neighbors and people around you. They are carrying the weight of the world sometimes. They have no idea how badly they need the Savior. I hope all is going well in Austin Texas. Have a fabulous week. -Love, Elder Call!

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