Many service opportunities/upcoming baptism!

As soon as I began to wonder when we would get another chance to do service, tons of opportunities opened up. We helped a recent convert rake her leaves one day and helped a guy move some stuff out of his storage unit another day. We’re continuing to help Vandelle and Russ prepare for their big day. We taught Russ how to baptize, he was ordained a priest, and we’ve arranged the baptism service! They’ve had a rough ride. First Russ got sick for a few days and then it traveled around to Vandelle and eventually their baby John. He’s still a little sick, though he doesn’t show it until he pukes all over people. Probably the happiest baby you’ve ever seen though. It’s been neat to see how the Lord is bringing all these people into their lives to give them the perfect environment to raise little John Wayne. We’ve had members accompany us that realized their children would be in the same primary classes growing up. All their friends are now in the church. They’re fully integrated. I hope to stay in contact with this family the rest of my life. They are truly amazing.

Brock is still progressing slowly. He wants to push back his baptism date and I get the feeling he really isn’t ready or at least he won’t be till his mother gets into the picture. If she joins, I won’t have a problem baptizing Brock, but he wouldn’t stand a chance on his own. Bishop will be going over to meet her sometime this week.

Speaking of our Bishop, he is amazing. He seems to approve of our efforts to join with the members in the work of finding people to teach. We’ve been visiting member families and discussing their missionary efforts to give them ideas to improve. Missionary work is daunting! But it can be so easy! The trick is balancing our own finding efforts with time spent with members. We met with the Bishop yesterday to discuss the way our ward council takes on missionary work. We showed him a flow chart we created after studying the Ensign and Preach my Gospel of how the work could run smoother. The Ward Council should be calling the shots on what the missionaries do, not viceversa. The Bishop is excited about this new plan, so we’ll be discussing it with the Ward Mission Leader and presenting it to the Ward Council at some point. Maybe I’ll send y’all the copy of the document since you’re involved in the Barton Creek Ward Mission. The truth is, most wards fall into the same error of doing things the same way over and over again, when the leaders of the church have tried to show us a better system. The quality of the Lord’s work must become more effective to be able to be hastened. I love this work!!!!!! Thank you so much for supporting me! I love you family!!! -Elder Call

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