Vandelle’s baptism was wonderful! Russ was able to baptize her successfully. The spirit was incredible in that room. That was one of the moments where I have felt more joy then I had yet experienced. That’s a moment I will forever remember and keep dear to me. They shared their testimonies afterward and they were so beautiful and pure. New converts’ testimonies are so free of any formality or rote presentation. They’ve seen the difference between life with and without the light of truth. It was humbling to witness, just as it was at Lorna’s baptism. If those were the only baptisms I ever got to be a part of,  I know I would be satisfied and forever grateful, but I know there are more waiting for this truth. I felt that strongly last Sunday during Elders Quorum. Then last Tuesday we had Mission Leader Conference or MLC. President Mullen announced it is time for our mission to double our baptisms, and it won’t stop there. It’s sent a wave of excitement and re-dedication throughout the mission. It starts with the Zone Leaders, so we are stepping up to the plate to find the elect. I have no doubts the Lord will lead us to them and this goal will be reached.       

Zone Meeting was Friday. That was the most powerful Zone Meeting I’ve attended yet. We taught some really great skills that the Zone is excited to start implementing.

Lots of exciting things happened Sunday. We met with our Bishop to talk about the Ward Mission’s relationship with the Ward Council and decided it was time for the Ward to lead the missionary work rather than the missionaries, so we planned together to bring it up in Ward Council. It was received very well! We are expecting miracles as they start to own it a little bit more. We had the Primary Program during Sacrament Meeting and the chapel was packed! We met tons of non-members, and now we just have to follow up with their member friends. I met Aunt Pam too! She was there to watch the grandkids. Vandelle’s confirmation took place. She wasn’t expecting how amazing the confirmation would be. She told us afterward that she had been overwhelmed by the spirit and still feels a very noticeable difference after having received it. 

Another amazing miracle: We were given the address of a less-active member that had recently moved in. We made plans to visit, but never found time. As we planned Sunday night on when to see her, the impression came to call her immediately. We did and found her in tremendous pain. She requested a blessing. We sent the Elder’s Quorum and they rescued her! She’s a little older and had barely gotten out of the hospital. She told us the next day she would have given up had we not called her – the pain was so great. What an incredible blessing to be a part of! She was very grateful.

I feel blessed and privileged to be a part of this work. It is incredible! Miracles are happening daily! These blessings are not exclusive to missionaries! Please go and serve someone today! Listen to the Spirit, go forth, and be an instrument in the hands of God. You can be a savior for someone. I know that Jesus Christ is the light of the world. He will change their lives forever as you introduce your closest friends to Him. I love you guys so much!!! Till we meet again! -Elder Call

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