Elder Call and Elder Andrew sang with Vocal Point!!!!!

It’s up to you whether you choose to believe this or not… So Vocal Point came to our Ward this week. Elder Andrew and I were invited to sing with them in Sacrament Meeting. No big deal. A few of them were staying at the Woodlief’s home and Sister Woodlief knew we enjoy singing, so she planned on asking a few of them to do a musical number with us at church. When she got the chance to request it they insisted the whole group sing with us. That’s how it happened. Talk about a once in a lifetime experience. When we got up to sing I was amazed how at peace I felt as we sang. No anxiety or nerves during the number. Just wanted you to know all my wildest dreams are coming true. 

Updates on the progress of souls here in the vineyard. We’re assisting a less active man on quitting smoking. The “fifteen steps to freedom” workshop. Amazing program. Works 100% of the time. Some time ago we were asked earlier by a lady named Jennifer to help her dad fix something on her house that involved using a ladder. It didn’t work out that day so we got a member of the Ward to help us survey and fix the problem. Had trouble getting a hold of her, so we found some problems with her shingles and replaced them to find her drive up to the house with a confused look on her face. That apparently wasn’t the problem that needed fixing, but hopefully she was touched by the act of service either way. She’s the one who’s grieving the loss of her son. We finished raking leaves for this lady named Pascale just the other day and her neighbor came out to thank us! You never know who is watching. She gave us water bottles, went inside, and came back with bagels. We’re still searching for some new people to teach. We would love extra prayers! Our Mission President has set the expectation that we double our baptisms to 70 a month and increase the attendance to 10% within the next 14 weeks! We will definitely need extra help to do that. Can’t wait till I can see you over Skype! -Love, Elder Call

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