Great Christmastime blessings!

We had a great week! The reason I’m emailing you today rather than a few days ago is because of interviews and Zone meeting. Sorry I didn’t tell you it would be Wednesday. The training went really smoothly! The Zone is fired up and ready to preach the Gospel! We’ve been doing a mission-wide accounting every night for the missionaries to make sure the missionaries are on their toes. We’re going to see a lot more missionaries working hard instead of hardly working. They are asked every night if they were exactly obedient today, how many lessons they had, how many they’ve invited to church, and how many people they talked to outside of lessons. We’re planning on going Christmas caroling as a zone once a week the rest of this month! It’s exciting. The Lord’s been placing so many people in our path lately! Stephanie moved into our area, an investigator that wants to be baptized right away! She’s got some demons to overcome first though.  We taught Brock, his sister Helena (7), and his mother Judy this week! It was magical! Judy wants to be baptized, but she hasn’t been ready to set a date yet. One of our members Brother Stroh showed up to church with a friend named Richard. Richard is a true New Yorker. He’s traveled across the nation trying to find himself. He’s been through plenty of misery in his life and he’s ready to change and be baptized. We set a date in January and had the Sisters that cover the area he lives in start to teach him. We’re excited for him! Unfortunately every single one of our investigators in our area got sick this week! Carmen, Brock’s family, and Stephanie. Stephanie’s feeling better so we’ll see her tomorrow. Our ward here loves us! They brought us a little Christmas tree and two boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts two nights ago. Then another member made us a plate of treats. Sunday was an exciting day! I had the chance to speak alongside our ward mission leader, (my cousin in-law), Brother Spencer and another Ward Mission leader. We taught the Ward to invite aiming for at least four no’s. Eventually they’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a few yeses. I showed the ward how to use “That’s what I love about my church!” When someone says something to them about the church, maybe even something negative they can say “That’s what I love about my church!”, then bare a brief testimony, and invite them- “You should come!” They love it! One older lady told us she’s mustered the courage to go talk to some of her friends about the Gospel.  Russ, Vandelle’s husband has been called to be a Ward missionary! He’s part of the team now. We’re making waves and destroying Satan’s kingdom! I’m so excited to talk to you guys on Christmas! I’m counting down the days!!! Love you so much!!!

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