Happy New Year — A Fantastic Week!

Happy New Year! It’s been a fantastic week. On New Year’s Eve we got together with some of our favorite missionaries at the Woodlief’s house for a movie! We got to watch Saints and Soldiers 2. At any other part of my life I would have abhorred that movie, but as far as movies you are allowed to watch on your mission go, it was great!!! After that we had the Zone get-together at another member’s home for some games. It was a hilarious evening. We played a game called Signs, and then an extreme version of charades. New Year’s Day is one of the only days of the year you are not allowed to do anything, so we stayed in, did our weekly planning, and set some appointments for the week. We were invited to have dinner with the Orton’s that night! We were pleasantly surprised to meet them and find that their daughter-in-law wants to be taught! We have an appointment with them a week from next Wednesday.

The day the holidays ended our missionary work went from 0 to 60 mph. The day after New Years we had eight lessons! We’re anxious for more people to have more than a few seconds to talk! Unfortunately, we can’t teach Ray anymore. We had a lesson with him a few days ago where he told us that he’d been in prison for 15 years and he’s shown some other signs of being potentially dangerous, so Bishop told us to let him go.

Saturday night we had the privilege to speak at the Stake Baptism for the little ones. It’s amazing how powerful the spirit is at a baptism.

We have a great week ahead of us. Tomorrow we have our Mission Leadership Council, Friday we have Zone Meeting, and on Saturday we have two major events taking place: Stake Missionary Conference, and Mission Conference. Elder Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve is coming! Finally, at the end of the week we will get our transfer calls. Most people we know think I’m gone. I’ve been mentally preparing for the possibility of getting ripped out of my home in the Valley. I’ll be taking more pictures this week. It’s highly unlikely that I’ll stay with Elder Goins for another transfer. It’s good to know that no matter what, it’s the Lord’s will. Everything will always work out for the best.

I’m excited for the new year! I’ve had the chance to re-evaluate my goals and set some new ones.

Love you all so much!!!!

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