I’m getting transferred to Moscow!…………….(Moscow, Idaho – The University of Moscow student area)

Hey Family!!!
Crazy news. Saturday night I got a call saying I would be staying in Spokane Valley with Elder Goins! What a relief! No goodbyes, no packing, just getting back to work! Then in the middle of church yesterday I got a phone call from the assistants. “Elder Call there has been a change. You are being transferred to Moscow University, Pullman 2nd ward.” WHAT?!! I wasn’t allowed to tell my companion until later that night when I could start telling others their new assignments, but he could tell I was on an emotional roller-coaster. He was trying to guess what was going on all day. Well Spokane Valley, it’s been fun. I’m leaving a completely different person than six months ago. I’ve been taught so many things and made so many friends that I hope I can stay in touch with! I’m going to miss my cousins in particular. What a wild twist of fate, to have served with my cousin-in-law as my Ward Mission Leader! I know I came here for a reason! I’m so grateful for the opportunity I had here! Elder Hulet will be my new companion. He’s a super good piano player, so maybe he can play some arrangements I can sing to. I’ve been on exchange with him before so I already know he’s a sharp elder. It’ll be fun. I’m not completely sure what the situation is whether it’s YSA or family work. I know we will be working with married students. It’ll be strange to be on a college campus as a missionary! We will be contacting non-stop.

In other news we had Mission Conference this week. Elder Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve did not disappoint. He said everything I needed to hear. What an amazing man. He talked about being patient with our spiritual growth. It takes years of experience to learn how to follow the spirit. He also explained the importance of the Atonement in our lives. He taught the importance of teaching investigators repentance. He explained the importance of really learning the Book of Mormon. Super edifying. I’m so grateful he was able to come to Spokane Valley. His companion Elder Paul Christianson, of the Seventy, told an incredible story about helping children in Uganda. He was searching for children who needed help and found a monastery of monks that found and took care of orphans. He stayed with the monks and got to know them. One day he went to one of their church services and prayed to be able to have a chance to share the truth with them. Then the father at the pulpit said, “Brother Paul, do you have something to say?” He got up and taught the plan of redemption. All the 50 of the monks were converted. Crazy! Wow. Modern day prophets are real.

Update on the work in the Valley- we had a lesson with Brock. He really wants to be baptized, but his Dad did not give him a clear answer. It’s up to his mom now, who is withdrawing even more from our influence. She won’t go to lessons, said she’d be at church and then made a lame excuse. 😦 We won’t give up on them. We have informed Ray we can no longer teach him over the phone. He seemed to understand. I forgot to mention we had Zone Meeting this week! It was really good! We trained on asking for referrals and reading the Book of Mormon. I’ll be sending home a package with my accumulated letters, planners, pictures, and random things. I’ll keep you posted on how work is in Idaho! Love you!!!!! -Elder Call


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One thought on “I’m getting transferred to Moscow!…………….(Moscow, Idaho – The University of Moscow student area)

  1. Elder Call, sounds like you are one busy Elder. What a switch…keeps you on your toes to have those unexpected turn arounds. I know it will be fun and rewarding and we can hardly wait to see photos of the new area. Is it east of west of your present location? I can tell by your posts that you have really enjoyed you present area and have made a lot of inroads for Heavenly Father. You will do even greater work as you grow and gain more experience in your new area. After all, you are ‘no greeny’ so head up and on to work…….someone out there is waiting for you to knock on their door.

    Love you Elder,
    Aunt Donna and Uncle Roger

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