New experiences in crazy college town!

Clarification on the last email: I’m in the Moscow University Zone, but actually serving in Pullman, Washington. There are two major schools just ten minutes away from each other. In Moscow is University of Idaho and I’m serving at Washington State University or “Wazu”. What a culture shock! I’m relearning everything. College students just aren’t into the same things adults are! I was just barely getting comfortable with being a missionary. Time to acquire some new skills. My companion Elder Hulet is very sharp. He’s from Houston actually, so no wonder! He’s done a great job with the married student ward. It’s been a place known for very little success because there aren’t many people getting married nowadays. Kinda sad 😦 but on the bright side, Elder Hulet has completely turned things around by working through the members to find people. Any other way is like looking for a needle in a haystack. He and his companions in the six months he’s been here have been able to find two couples who wanted to be baptized and two YSA (young single adult) students. Not bad at all. We are allowed to teach YSA, but that’s not our primary focus. I’m excited! We’ve stopped by a few members homes since I’ve been here and each five minute visit was like a coordination meeting. Everyone has like four or five people they are working on. We have like two dinners with non-members planned for this week already. Elder Hulet had been in marching band through high school (we found out we had been to some of the same marching competitions my freshman year), and he’s really good at piano. We’re doing a musical number this Sunday- “I’ll go where you want me to go”! They have had Zone Leaders training new missionaries for a while now and just recently started pairing them together again. Elder Hulet just finished training as did I and now we’re both the Zone Leaders for Moscow University. He has a very different style of doing things. We do a ton of walking. We get the car half the week though, so it’s not too bad. A little background on Pullman: It’s a party school. They have a reputation for being extremely wild. There are over 30 fraternities/sororities on campus and they are all down the street from our apartment. The Institute building is in the middle of what they call “Greek Row”, the epicenter of activity. I’ve only heard legends about this place. Missionaries have called it “Sodom and Gomorrah”. I’m a little worried for myself, but I think I’ll be alright. Luckily it’s winter time so people still wear clothing. It’s actually not as bad as the stories I’ve heard from other missionaries. As long as we stay out of the wild neighborhoods at night I think we’ll be safe. Pray for me! The married student ward is great though. It’s a little strange, because the members are only a little older than me, but are married and have babies. It’s a bit of a reality check. I’m going to enjoy my life as a single individual for as long as I can! It’s great to be a missionary. I’m loving every minute. I miss you guys so much!!! -Love, Elder Call

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