A very promising week. And non-stop snow!

Hey everybody! Things are taking off here! We had such a slow week initially. Out of all the referrals we received, it seemed like not one of them was anywhere near interested in chatting. No wonder I felt prompted to make patience the focus of my study for the week.  Out of the blue the last few days we’ve received some much more promising referrals from other missionaries -a few of which we are scheduled to meet with already, and one of them tonight on a tour of the chapel! We are pumped! It’s time to find someone to teach! The Lord always comes through after he’s tested us. We have a great week ahead. Tomorrow is Mission Leadership Conference (an all day event since we have to drive down to Spokane), on Wednesday we’re doing an exchange with the Asian elders, and Friday is Zone Meeting! I can’t wait to report on all the appointments we have lined up and how they went. This week really does seem promising! In other news it’s freezing over here! We have had a dry winter… until now. It seemed like we just skipped over winter this year since it really never officially snowed and stuck for more than a day. The last few days it has been non-stop. Just this morning I slipped and fell pretty hard on my rear end! That hurt! Missionary work on Super Bowl Sunday was interesting. It was a good conversation starter, but most people were like “You are doing this during the Super Bowl? Doesn’t stop us! It was pretty easy to tell when Seattle scored since the whole town would start roaring. Today we will be going down to Moscow for P-day. We want to see what happens on the other side of the chasm. There’s a big divide down the middle of our zone between the Moscow and Pullman areas since we don’t usually have any reason to go to Moscow. We’ll see if we can bridge the gap a little. This Sunday I get to do a musical number with my companion at church! That should be fun. He’s an excellent accompanist on the piano. He can play a hymn and jazz it up, transpose it, whatever you need. I almost forgot, on Saturday we are going to the temple with some of the recent converts here in Pullman, so there is a slight chance that I won’t be able to email until Saturday. Hopefully that isn’t the case. I hope you’ll still write me a note before then! I love missionary work! Thanks so much for supporting me! It’s so great to be here. Love you so much. -Elder Call

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One thought on “A very promising week. And non-stop snow!

  1. Donna Royce

    DID YOU SAY SNOW???? PLEASE SEND SOME TO ME IN AUSTIN. I L O V E the white stuff. Stay warm and busy….and keep doing the great job teaching those who will listen… Remember even if you can’t baptize….PLANT a seed for someone else to harvest.

    Love you Elder,
    Aunt Donna and Uncle Roger

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