A remarkable week in Pullman!

We’ve had a remarkable week here in Pullman. To start off Monday had to been one of the most fun preparation days I’ve ever had. We drove down to Moscow to join the marshmallow dodge-ball fights. Who would have thought that massive marshmallows are perfect throwing size? It was intense! Mission Leadership Council was incredible. We had a pretty big issue come up. How are we going to find people to teach? Mission-wide this is something that hit home for everyone. We were counseling together for a few minutes before Sister Mullen stopped everything. She said we needed to say a prayer -so we did. Immediately after President Mullen divided everyone into groups to address the pressing question. Eventually they brought the groups together and started to pull together the feedback. Everything came together. There were common themes in each comment that wove together till it was clear what we needed to focus on. The Lord’s will was known through a council. That was a neat experience. I had a feeling that the effects of that council will be much more far-reaching than I realized. Coming up this week we’ll be having a Zone Conference where everything that was revealed to us will be applied and taught to everyone. I’m excited. We had some really interesting experiences teaching this week as well. One day we went on a church tour with a member who brought his friend named Salik. We really enjoyed our talk with Salik. When we walked into the chapel we asked him “How do you feel here in the chapel?” He mentioned that he felt the hand of God in that room. Neat. We taught him about the restoration and he was fascinated. He accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and though he was a little non-committal, he said he would do his best to read it. We will be hearing from him again soon. We had our last lesson with Armen this week sadly. The lesson was exhilarating! He had so many honest questions about the plan of salvation that we were able to answer quite well. Though at first he was doubtful, by the end I’m convinced he believed every word we had said. We were so excited that he was finally getting it. Then afterwards he sent us a text. He told us he wouldn’t be willing to keep the commandments so he’s not interested in joining. That was too bad. He really is a good person. Luckily that’s not going to be the end of his story. People change every day and I’m sure the Lord will take care of him. Kayden and Jewell (the recently baptized couple in our Ward) were having a pretty rough week. All the new responsibilities from church were swamping them. They felt so overwhelmed! There was a great lesson to be learned. We talked to them about focusing on what’s most important. Sometimes we get so caught up in all the things we do that we forget the reason we do it all -because of the Savior. We admonished them to not run faster than they have strength, and to focus on the three most important things that will build their relationship with their Heavenly Father: reading the scriptures, prayer, and going to church. That was really good for them. We had a wonderful Zone Meeting on Friday! As a Zone we are trying something completely different this week in response to our mission president’s call to “think outside the box” when it comes to finding people to teach. It’s obvious that we are a Zone full of sisters, because the final decision was that we bake a bunch of cookies and hand them out to people so that we can make our presence know on both campuses. It’s an interesting service approach, but we’ll see what happens. We are still looking for more new ideas, so if you can think of something let me know! We hear it’ll get a little warmer this week! I’m pretty eager for spring to come around. Sounds like yall are too! We need this snow outa here! Things are looking up here. Keep praying for us. -Love Elder Call

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