Successful cookie distribution project!

It’s been a busy week! We’ve been doing some good work! We took Jana, (a girl we talked to on the street), on a church tour this week. She seemed really interested in coming to church. We’re meeting with her again in just a few days. She has lots of questions. We’ll be passing her to the family ward missionaries. Unfortunately, Kaden and Jewell, who were recently baptized, are having a rough time. They told us they wanted a break from church. Please pray for them. We’re still not sure what the issue is. We met Nicholi and Nicky this week. They’re an interesting couple. They’re open to talk, but not necessarily searching for anything. We’ll see what happens. We got a referral from Lewiston a few weeks ago of a couple that wanted to meet with us. We texted them and they said they would text back a time later for us to meet. Never happened, but they referred themselves to us again via <> ! What? They probably lost our phone number. We’ll meet with them Wednesday! We had a smashing success in our mass cookie distribution project. We broke the record as a Zone for people talked to in a day -around 346 conversations! We’re waiting to see if the few potential investigators they found decide to get serious about the gospel. Our Mission President seemed very impressed. I went down to Moscow with Elder Church on an exchange Friday. He’s super funny. We had a really good time. We were volunteered to teach “Friday Forum”, a lunch for all the LDS students. It was a pretty nerve racking experience. We were scrambling to prepare and set up the projector and audio. When the presentation started we were pretty obviously unsettled. It was awkward to say the least. We showed one of the Hastening the Work videos and then the spirit came in. It was an amazing experience. It calmed all of my nerves and gave me confidence. We stood up again and started to teach with so much more power. The audience was entranced. It ended a lot better than it started. Boy was I grateful for that saving grace! The church is true! The Lord is teaching me volumes! I’m savoring every moment here in this mission. Love you so much! -Elder Call

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