Staying in Pullman for another transfer! It’s an exciting place to be!

We gave out the calls last night! Though there has been a lot of shuffling in our Zone, my companion and I are sticking around for another go! It’s an exciting place to be. Fasting and prayer works! We had a Mission fast for new investigators and guess what? We’ve been loaded with new people to teach! We started officially teaching Mengil! He’s a guy that the missionaries have been trying forever now, but he just never took the time to sit down with us! We taught him about the plan of salvation. Most his life he’s been pretty skeptical about faith, but as we explained to him clearly the answers to questions the greatest philosophers in the world could only attempt to answer, the only thing he could reply was, “It just makes sense!” over and over. We asked him about baptism. He answered he would, “But I won’t let you off that easy! I want to know more.” That was neat! The plan of redemption is so perfect. It’s a powerful thing to explain to someone. We’ll be seeing Mengil again very soon this week. We were also privileged to teach Grayson. He was referred to us from Lewiston. He and his girlfriend met with missionaries over there and wanted to learn more. We had a pretty good lesson with Grayson. This week we will meet Alex there as well. We have high hopes for them. On top of all that we were referred to teach Jessi! He’s a student who lives here in Pullman and works full time at a local engineering company. He was very open, but professed agnostisism. That would make sense if he hadn’t been meeting with missionaries off and on the last few years. In other words, he’s more interested then he claims to be. We finally passed Jana off to the family ward missionaries. Boy is she prepared. We found her one day when I had an impression to go see a different person we really had no business with since she wasn’t too interested. We went despite how illogical it seemed and ran into Jana. During the last lesson she had said she has alot of questions she wanted answered. We were bracing for the typical objection questions, but were pleasantly surprised to hear, “When are church services at?”, “When are the activities here?”, and “How can I get involved in community service?” As we explained the restoration she commented how she didn’t understand why some random men had the authority to decide what would or wouldn’t go into the Bible during the Council of Nicea. We also got in with a couple named Derek and Linda. They used to go to church consistently for two whole years, but they never got baptized! She has a problem with organized religion and he has a problem with rules. They love church and the people to death though. Anyway, missionaries hadn’t been to their place for a long long time, but we brought them cookies. Amazing how that changes things. We were invited in and told about how grateful they were that the Mormons never forgot them and always came back. That was heart-warming. We encouraged them to come back to church. We assume they likely will :). It was quite a fun Sunday yesterday. Everyone was telling Elder Hulet goodbye, while the whole time we knew he wasn’t leaving. (He’s been here for seven and a half months). We got to teach Primary! We gave the kids a coloring page of Jesus and invited them to give them to their friends who don’t go to church. They loved it. We have a fantastic ward. Our members have so much personality. If I wasn’t a missionary I would want to hang out with these people. They’re hilarious. It’s going to be a great transfer! Keep praying for us!

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