Things are going swimmingly!

Katie’s filling out mission papers?! WHAT?!! That’s so exciting! I’m so happy for her. My family is seriously the greatest! I miss you guys! Lots of really good things are happening. We got to see a lot of new missionaries come into our zone. We went to both district meetings to welcome them and get them excited and united in our cause. We’re teaching quite a few people now! It’s refreshing! We had another lesson with Jessi. I knew he had some hope in him. This lesson went much better. We explained the process necessary to gain true faith reading one of my all time favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon, Alma chapter 32. He really liked the parable of the seed and seemed to be at least willing to try developing faith in a very personal and loving God. He prayed for the first time in a while. It was one of the most sincere prayers. He asked that Heavenly Father help him become a good person. We committed him to continue praying consistently for the rest of the week. We also taught Ben and Lana for the first time. They were being taught by the sisters and I guess they kinda gave up on them. They had approached us and wanted to have a lesson, so we obliged them. It was an interesting discussion to say the least. We’ll be thinking how we can help the next discussion be less of an argument. In other news the ward talent show is coming up this week! We’ve been inviting our ward members to bring their friends. So many of them have friends that are so ready! We’re just waiting for them to finally make the invite! Think about your friends you have. Do they know you’re a member of the church? Have they ever seen one of the church buildings? Invite them to take a tour! Do they give tours of the building in Austin? If they do I recommend going on a tour if not with a friend, as a family just to get a feel for how it goes. Anyway things are going swimmingly. I love to hear from you guys every week! Let me know of any creative ideas you have to find people who are interested in the church! Much love, Elder Call

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