Eventful Week!

We had an eventful week! We had some pretty fun things happen. I’ll start off with the status of the recent converts Mandy and Marvin. They were actually having a pretty tough time. The last lesson we noticed something off, but couldn’t get out the concern they had. Marvin has some questions about doctrine that aren’t serious, he’s on fire otherwise. (He’s just been called to be a ward missionary and shares the missionary moments in Elder’s Quorum.) Mandy has had trouble feeling the spirit for the last few weeks. She’s trying to shake off some doubts she has. We talked together about Jesus Christ and the power He has to help us. There are so many things in our lives that disconnect us from his love, whether its refusing to repent, not believing that we are worthy, and a vast amount of other issues. The trick is finding the hold ups we have and resolving them. We talked about how infinite His atonement really is. There was a change in both of their countenances. It was a good lesson for all of us.

We had dinner with the Coopers one night this week. Sister Cooper is Thai and made just incredible Thai food for us. We had these veggie wraps held together with a transparent rice tortilla kinda things, and massive bowls about six inches tall full of noodles and melt-in-your-mouth roast covered in cilantro and basil. Amazing!

The weather has been beautiful lately! It’s been up in the fifties nearly all week. We spent more time tracting this week than we normally do here. It was super fun! There are all sorts of different nationalities present on campus so it becomes a very multicultural experience. One lady we met who happens to be a married student named Abby was really open. She told us what church she goes to and why she believes in Christ, and we shared with her our unique message to the world. We talked about how the gospel has been restored through Jesus Christ, and how Joseph Smith got an answer to his prayer as a young boy. As we recited the first vision the Spirit was staggering. She recognized the peace she was feeling. We gave her a Book of Mormon. She accepted the challenge to read and pray. She left for spring break, so we won’t be hearing from her for about a week, but we have high hopes!

We found a guy we thought was Chinese. Didn’t understand hardly anything he said. Though we didn’t understand at the time, he thought we were from a Catholic church  so he asked about where we meet and what times. We sent the Chinese missionaries to talk to him thinking he was just golden. He wasn’t even Chinese! They were pretty embarrassed when they tried to talk to him and he gave them a puzzled look. We took some verbal abuse for that mistake. 🙂

Just the other day we were knocking on doors and a Muslim man invited us in. He had us sit on the couch while he sat on some pillows on the ground. He had lots of questions, much more sincere than the questions Muslims typically ask. He just wanted a better understanding of American faiths. His English was very broken. We found out he’s from Libya a country under revolution currently. We’ll have to get permission to keep teaching him since his safety may be in jeopardy if he decides to join. In the majority of middle eastern countries if you become a Christian they kill you. Kinda scary.

We helped the Kayden and Jewell move this week. They’re pretty spontaneous. They made the decision pretty last minute. They’re still not going anywhere spiritually. We’ll see what happens there.

Teaching Ryan this week was a miracle. He finally responded to a text to meet up at the church. We had forgotten that another companionship borrowed our keys so when we got there we realized we would be having the lesson outside! We sat on some steps in the front of the church. It was pretty freezing, but it was worth it. Ryan brought a friend with him who had been taught months before and disappeared! He was even preparing to be baptized before he went off the radar! His name’s Damion. We got an address from him and had a great lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Miracles never cease!

Lastly Sunday was really good. We met with the Ward Missionaries for the first time since I’ve been here. They’ve been doing alright, but now they’re really kicking into gear. We brainstormed on how to find more people to teach and the ideas they came up with are not bad at all! They talked about barbecues, movie nights, and possibly even a “Ward Break the Fast”. Good things are happening and even better things to come. Thanks for all your prayers and support. I miss you guys so bad! Keep being an incredible family. -Love, Elder Call

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