Really big changes in the vision for the Moscow Zone!

Well another week came and went like nothing! We are staying very busy in Pullman! We had another amazing leadership council in Spokane. They never disappoint. We got new inspiration to implement in our zone. We’re making some really big changes in the vision for the Moscow Zone missionaries. Wednesday out of the blue there was a big emergency transfer. Eleven different zones were affected. President Mullen got wind of a large group of missionaries misbehaving. That’s obviously been dealt with. We had a missionary get pulled out to help another Zone and we got a very recently repentant missionary to take his place. He’s adjusting well. As far as teaching goes we had a cool experience with a guy named Ryan this week. Missionaries had been teaching him forever before. We tried him once when I got here, but didn’t seem ready to change yet. He’s had lots of ups and downs. We felt strongly impressed to visit him this week. We found him home, which was pretty unusual since he’s never there. He’s been facing rough times. He didn’t feel very kindly towards us at first since it’d been a long time since we’d visited. We reminded him that we haven’t forgotten him and neither has the Lord. The next day we got a call from him. He wanted to meet as soon as possible. Only sad part is he never called back to decide on a place to meet, so it didn’t really happen. Waiting to hear from him again. We also met a guy named John the same day, walking back from Ryan’s place. He told us he’s Christian, a grad student in structural engineering, and he’s planning on getting married in May! Perfect for the married student ward! We took him on a church tour Friday night. He was very cordial, though we were a little confused about his intentions when by the end he invited us to visit his church. He still agreed to meet again today so maybe we can still help him. Keep praying for us to find the elect! -Love Elder Call

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