Miracle at the frat house!

I still am in awe how incredible this week has been. The Lord just poured out blessings on us! All of the missionaries were gearing up for spring break with dread, considering the fact that the town population goes down about 85%. That didn’t stop the work of the Lord from progressing, nobly boldly, and independently this week in the Palouse.
The neatest miracle that happened this week was finding Alex. Tuesday night we were in a neighborhood seeing if a former investigator was home –someone we’ve tried over and over and over to get a hold of. No luck. Right after we walked down the stairs back to the street, I had a very distinct impression come over me. We need to walk down the road towards a certain direction. I knew Heavenly Father was telling me there was someone we needed to talk to there. We walked up to the first door. It looked like an obvious fraternity, beer posters, cans everywhere, not somewhere you’d expect to find someone really searching for truth. People were obviously home, but nobody answered the door. The feeling was still strong. We tried the next house to the left. The door was down a narrow staircase littered with the same kinds of things. We knocked on the door and waited. A few minutes passed before a big Polynesian looking guy with messy hair answered. He looked really tired. We testified that God sent us there to speak with him. He told us he’d been looking for a church to call home. He’s been going to lots of different churches with the intent of finding where he needs to be. We asked him about baptism. He’d been baptized as a child. We told him as he came to learn about our message he’d learn the importance of being baptized again. He accepted the invitation and decided to plan on taking a church tour the following day. Then the church tour with him was amazing. He accepted the invitation to prepare for baptism on April 19th. At the close of our meeting he prayed that he’d be able to know if what we taught was true and said he just wanted to live a clean life. Wow! What a neat experience!
We had 15 lessons this week! That was more than I’ve had the entire time I’ve been here. We set “standards of excellence” a few weeks ago after our mission president requested it and we hit almost all of those standards this week. Part of it was because of the cooperation with the members. We had a member dinner appointment almost every night this week. We convinced a bunch of those members to invite their friends who aren’t part of the church to join us. We ended up being able to share the gospel with several new people, Beth and her boyfriend, Dan, Ursula, and Keren. Not sure what the interest level of the others are, but Keren came to church! The Firths, her friends, happened to be speaking, so it was super easy for them to make the invite at dinner.
We met with a guy named Jared that we’ve been working on setting an appointment with forever to go on a church tour. He was pretty fascinated by the tour and everything, but he’s pretty into his faith as a Seventh Day Adventist. He was willing to accept a copy of the Book of Mormon though. He said his wife would definitely read the whole thing.
More good news: we found Ryan again. We cracked down on him a little. We told him he needs to get serious about this. He totally agreed. He’s rededicated to starting to live the commandments. He can’t be baptized until six months after he starts living the commandments because of some issues, but he has a testimony that it’s true. The toughest thing will be helping him live the Word of Wisdom. If you have any advice there let me know.
I almost forgot one of my favorite things that happened this week! We found Adam again! So Adam had been taught by Elder Hulet and his previous companions months ago, but disappeared for a while. While they taught him, he was reading the scriptures, loved the plan of salvation, and they saw lots of evidence of his being prepared by the Lord for the restored gospel. We found out that in-between his life getting busier and more full of trials he put the missionaries on the back burner. This time he’s ready to get back into gear. His girlfriend of six years just broke up with him. Needless to say, he’s humbled.
As you can imagine, I’m just blown away with how well things are going. I’m hoping it keeps up. Thank you for all your prayers. I’m enjoying every waking moment of my mission and having trouble coping with the thought of ever having to leave, but on the other hand I’m dying to be reunited with you once again. Love, Elder Call

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