Interesting Week — Good and Bad News

This week was interesting! Lots of good and bad news. Mostly good! Here’s the bad news first. Finally found Ryan again. He’s been evicted from his house. He’s not really taking repentance seriously so we’re going to take a break from teaching him. Alex, the miracle, dropped us. He told us he wants some time to “keep searching”. Mengil went out of town for a really really long time. Last and probably the worst news, Kayden and Jewell the recent converts who have been slowly withdrawing, just cut the cord. They don’t want anything to do with church or us. If you just looked at those things you might start feeling the blues, but hope is not lost! We have lots of things looking up!
On the bright side, though Ryan is being difficult, his girlfriend Ashley is now showing interest in meeting! She’s investigated before, and now she’s probably in a place where it’s easier to change since she separated with Ryan recently. While I went on a really fun exchange with Elder Church this week, my companion got a billion referrals from the members! In fact, one of them was at church on Sunday! Her name’s Jennifer from guess where in Hawaii? Kauai! She wants to take the discussions so we’ll be having dinner at the Gancinia’s with Jennifer Thursday! We had another pleasant surprise on Sunday. Three people came to church with the Child family! I think they lost a bet. I didn’t get the full story, but they committed to the Child’s to go to church for four weeks in a row for all three hours. One of them is less active, another an atheist, and another is interested in the church! We’ll be arranging to meet them in a teaching setting this week. We have quite the week ahead of us. Mission Leadership Council tomorrow, Zone Meeting Friday, General Conference this weekend, and transfer calls! Can’t wait to tell you how it went! That’s a wrap!

Love you!

-Elder Call

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One thought on “Interesting Week — Good and Bad News

  1. Ed & Jan Wagley

    Dear Elder Call:
    Things happen sometimes in life that one has to evaluate and then go back to what you know is true ~!!!! I know with all of my heart that the Lord knows that you are giving it your all and that is all he asks of you ~!!!! Many times it is the person that makes a decision and then the truth really comes forth for them stronger that it has ever before ~!!! We will just pray that this will be brought forward to them all in the near future ~!!!!
    We send you our thoughts, prayers and love that this will be a turn around week for you, take care we love you ~!!!
    Ed & Jan

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