Transfers…beautiful weather…and blown away with General Conference!

Holy smokes it’s another transfer already! That literally flew by. It’s been such a great week! Things are really heating up! Both figuratively and physically. The weather outside is really nice! 60’s all week which is paradise compared to the winter! Elder Hulet is leaving! Guess where? Grangeville! He’s walking into the baptism of a family I worked with down there! He’s super excited. Grangeville’s been doing very well lately. Thursdays dinner with the Gancinia’s and Jennifer was fantastic. Jennifer is so comfortable with us and very spiritually open! Zone meeting was spirit filled. The training ended up being wonderful. I think the missionaries really benefited from it. Then don’t get me started about conference. It was awe inspiring. I was blown away this year. The message of standing up for what’s right really stuck out to me. I loved the testimony of President Packer. That was incredible. I’m just really excited to go back and read all of those talks. They packed a punch this time. I’m sad to say goodbye to Elder Hulet. My new companion will be Elder Montgomery. I know close to nothing about him other than that he’s going home pretty soon. The work is wonderful. Couldn’t ask for much more! Love you so much! -Elder Call

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