Lots to tell!!! Powerful video to check out too!

I have a ton to tell you about this week! I apologize in advance for not going into detail on everything I’m going to write, but there’s a lot of it! We had a few lessons with Jennifer this week! She’s taking this all very seriously. To some degree she’s becoming afraid. She’s worried about a few things she’d have to change in her life before she can join the church. We had a really good lesson with her yesterday that seemed to calm her fears. We watched a video called “Pure and Simple Faith”. A powerful clip. (Here’s the link- https://www.lds.org/youth/video/pure-and-simple-faith?lang=eng) Jennifer seemed to shift in her concern after we discussed it. We’ll continue to meet! We had a wild training meeting this week called “Specialized Training”.It felt like a zone conference/P-day hybrid. We were taught for the first half until noon, and then we all changed into gym clothes and played games. It was a blast. The biggest surprise came at the end of the meeting. The Mullens announced that in the next three weeks, whoever’s district finds the most new investigators wins a barbecue with the Mullens! Wasn’t expecting that! They also offered gift baskets to the three zones that get the most new investigators. We’re on it! I’ll let you know how the barbecue goes! On Friday my companion and I sang at a baptism. On Saturday night we got to attend Stake Conference and hear from Elder Paul Christianson! We were pretty thrilled since he was amazing when he came to our mission conference a few months before. He gave some really good examples about how he shares the gospel with everyone everywhere! He said, “I have a five foot rule. If someone is within five feet of me, and still breathing, they’re going to hear about the Gospel!” He disbanded the myth that reaching out to people to share what is most precious to us takes months of fasting and prayer. As members of the church, we can share it with people the first time we ever meet them, because it’s who we are. “We can never truly embrace the gospel unless we share it!” He also said to, “Stop judging and start sharing!” That was really cool to hear. Sunday Morning President Mullen asked a special request that he train us an hour before conference. Wow! What a privilege. We also are seeing a neat turn around in Adam. We had a lesson this week about the Restoration. It started when he asked the question, “Where did the Bible come from?” He’d already asked a number of people who couldn’t answer him, so he didn’t expect one from us. Once we told him it opened up a world of curiosity for him. He started asking more questions that opened the way for us to testify of the great apostasy, a time when the truth had been rejected by the inhabitants of the earth. Everything changed. Ever since then he’s come to the institute to take a tour and asked to know when all the activities are. We showed him the video “Because of Him”. We showed him a video of the living prophet. Since then he’s shown so much interest, but he hesitates to admit that this is all true. We suspect he’s not sure if he wants us to know how he feels about that, since he knows what happens next. Last night we went with him to Ward Prayer. He got to meet some of the congregation. We’re so excited. We had a great Easter dinner with the Bacon family. They had a non-member friend over that we watched “Because of Him” with. She loved it. We invited her to check out the singles ward. We’ll see! Life is great! Life is grand! The Gospel is true! The Book is Blue! Happy Easter everybody! -Love, Elder Call

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