A memorable week!

What a memorable week. Some of the things that happened I’m convinced I’ll never forget. We are so privileged to live here in mortality. It continues to amaze me as I witness true principles in action. God is in His Heaven. This is really it! It’s all real. This life is our time to make history! I’ll start with Tuesday. The Child’s invited us over to meet their friends Savannah and Katie. Katie is a less active member who’s coming back, and Savannah is a non-member who’s sincerely interested. We had a great lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel. Both accepted the challenge to read the Book of Mormon, pray, and continue to meet with missionaries. They live in Moscow so we passed them off. Wednesday we taught the Morelands. They are very excited about learning family History! We taught them how to put together a pedigree chart and start finding people to take to the temple. The same day we had another lesson with Jennifer. We’ve been informed since the last lesson that she’s started asking questions about the Word of Wisdom, and has already decided to quit coffee and tea. We taught her about the Plan of Happiness and keeping the Sabbath Day holy. She committed to it! She told us she wanted to invite a friend named Chantelle to the next lesson. On Thursday we ran into Chantelle on the street. The chances of that are like one out of ten thousand just so you know. We invited her to church and she said she might find a ride with Jennifer! We taught Adam the same principles this week. He loves how the Plan answers questions he’s had his whole life. He used to wonder why there was no explanation for the time between death and judgement. He would ask people and never get a solid response. He’s talked to his boss about getting Sundays off. When asked about how he felt about the truth of our message, he told us pretty much all of his questions have been answered. He committed to be baptized in two weeks! It doesn’t end there. Adam had some huge temptations come back into his life this week. We helped him get away from it by going to Young Single Adult Ward activities. He is so solid! He came to church and really enjoyed it. Jennifer showed up at church ready to attend and got a call from a close friend who needed her at the hospital. She naturally had to go be with her. We are so excited for the things happening here. Please continue to pray for us and our investigators. We need ’em! I miss you guys! -Love, Elder Call

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