Incredible week. Baptism next Sunday!

Just another incredible week. We met with Kimani this week for the first time. He’s the friend of a member, Brother Hardy, who works in the same office hallway that he does. Brother Hardy mentioned how only one or two people interact with him every day, so it’s hard for him to do missionary work. He resolved to put a Book of Mormon out on his desk in hopes of potentially starting some conversation. It worked! Kimani was one of those two people that just so happened to be prepared for the gospel. He walked into his office one day and said, “Oh, I’m reading that book!” Kimani explained later to us that he had been talking to one of his professors about the church, and he gave him a copy of the book. It didn’t start there though. Kimani’s search for truth began long ago when he was raised in a Christian Orthodox setting. He started to study Islam at some point, that made him question everything he thought he knew. Eventually he found himself in India, studying with Buddhists. That’s when, of all times, he discovered that Jesus is the Christ. Since then, he’s been learning about many faiths, and has recently felt lead towards our church, after being impressed with a number of member friends by observing the way they live their lives. Never underestimate who’s ready, and in how simple of a way you can share the gospel with them. We had a great lesson with Kimani. When we recited the first vision. He paused, and told us in awe, “Wow, that’s powerful.” We asked him what he would give to come to know that these things are true. He paused again. He said, “Probably a lot. Well actually, everything. I would give everything.” He accepted the invitation to consider baptism. We’re thrilled as you can probably imagine. Jennifer is thriving as well. We met up with her this week and talked about her progress towards baptism. Her father’s been in the ICU recently and recovering. That’s been a big worry for her, so she’s going back to Hawaii for a few weeks to be with him. We stressed the importance of continued scripture study, prayer, and church attendance. She seemed to understand. We’ll be checking in with her to make sure everything’s going okay. She’s lucky to have Brother and Sister Gancinia as friends. They continue to be in contact with her every day after she left. Adam’s doing fantastic as well. He accepted the word of wisdom and law of tithing without hesitation. He has encountered some doubts though. He scared us when he didn’t go to church this week. We called him, texted him, and no response. We rushed to his apartment and nobody answered the door. It wasn’t for a few hours ’til we got a response from him. We met up and had a good talk. He’s just been nervous that he’ll revert back to his old self. We told him not to worry, because he’s going to make mistakes no matter what after he’s baptized. He unloaded some other concerns I won’t go into detail about. I can tell you I felt the spirit work through us in a powerful way to say the right things to him. We felt prompted to offer him a priesthood blessing. Those were incredible moments. He’s going to be baptized this Sunday. I’m never going to forget these days of my life. I’m so thankful to be here in the service of my God. I know that Christ lives, that He loves us, and that He has suffered for us so that we wouldn’t have to suffer. I know that his gospel has been restored to the earth in it’s fullness. His power is limitless. He can end any strife or sorrow. Because of Him I will live again. There is no such thing as the end. I’m so grateful for your support. I love you dearly. -Elder Kenny Call

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